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master list

updated: 170812

some fics are locked and some are getting revised (unrevised chapters are set to private) & discontinued ones aren't on the list

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○ = personal favorite (or something of that sort)


yunho x jaejoong

chubby honey bunny (chb verse)
people think jaejoong is too good for a fatso like yunho, but jaejoong thinks otherwise
fatso | boyfriend over job | trouble in paradise | joongievator | hi, hello | lonely momo | mama | we could be in love | weekend parents | get some and then get dumped | okinawa baby (part i) | all grown up (xiuhan) | okinawa baby (part ii) | weapon of bangs destruction | green-eyed monster | mother's day | dinner gone wrong | baby dildo | bonjour paris | check-ups and lollipops | letter of doom | nature gay | not so happy birthday | my love | cock stabbing | cakes and condoms | first time | first date (written by demonshide7) | the woman outside | soldier of love | the boy who can't tie his shoelaces | egghead | it's my party and i'll cry if i want to | a week to remember

torpedo (completed)
being a fansite master is hard as much as it's fun. and as crazy as it sounds, jaejoong quit his job two years ago to focus on managing a fansite for the most popular duo in the country, the punstars
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | epilogue | epilogue 2.0 | i trust and love you (choimintoe) | choices | one big fight

two little hearts go boom (ongoing)
he did not even bother to pretend that he was looking for a good looking cabbage like his best friend demanded because right in front of him was something - someone - way more good looking than a vegetable
i | ii | iii | iv | v

toys are for boys too (ongoing)
being a sex toy designer for years, jaejoong has never met someone so desperate and eager to be a human tester

protect the other boss (ongoing)
there is only one rule, "never fall in love with me, yoochun, or else you would be fired immediately", and yunho thinks, why would he?

boyfriend material
wherein jaejoong is a pizza guy while yunho is a loving uncle who dresses up as a fairy princess
hot stuffed pizza guy | it's a date | double trouble | of dates and moms

ichigo mama
jaejoong's body works wonders. he is not only able to bear babies, he also produces strawberry milk
breastpumps and cheeky kids | emergencies and crushes

hey daydreamer (completed)
jaejoong will do whatever it takes to meet changmin's dad, the worst cook in the world.
i | ii | iii | epilogue

loving you (locked)
falling in love with a man isn't a big deal, but falling in love with your brother is
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi | xii

greatest find (ongoing)
yunho attends his son's wedding only to get bugged by his ex-wife's stepson.
i | ii

maybe this time (completed)
comparisons are easily done once you've had the taste of perfection. yunho only realised the truth to that once he let the best thing that has ever happened to his life go.
part i | part ii

heartquake (hiatus)
jaejoong feels that his husband is cheating on him. he's not sure and yet, he couldn't bring himself to confront him. then enters yunho, an annoying waiter, who offers to help find out if his husband is indeed being faithful.

hashtag mile high drama | jaejoong + twitter + couple in the midst of a break up
sunsets and promises | wherein jaejoong is a runaway groom
something kinda crazy | prankster changmin and oh choimintoe
you know why | the struggles and fluff of coming out
the sperm chronicles | wherein yunho and the other three are sperm cells while jaejoong is an egg cell
first at sixty | sixty eight year old yunho and sixty nine year old jaejoong falling in love at the nursing home
papa's boy | aka the age gap fic wherein papa yunho found the abandoned little jaejoong
four in the morning | japanese jejung and korean yunho and age gap
an invisible love story | a very long long fic
jaejoong and his boyfriends | the detailed timeline of jaejoong's relationships
one and only | angst, really
just the two of us | wherein yunho has a confusing husband then comes along jaejoong
kim jaejoong (locked) | no one messes with kim jaejoong
he believes in me | yunjae isn't well of and is in danger of losing their twins
you remind me | jaejoong reminds yunho of someone he never wanted to see
of bouquest and a vacation | cha bonggun x cha muwon
sunday morning | birthday boy yunho with jaejoong and his gift
of baby names and sunsets | jaejoong talks about his future with yunho
alejandro | yunho likes lady gaga

yoochun x junsu

holding back the tears (completed / f-locked)
yoochun and junsu have been lovers for a long period of time. due to extreme frustration from their non-existent sex life, yoochun developed a bizarre hobby of picking up girls and bringing them home to satisfy his sexual needs. junsu, aware of the shameless cheating, lets him be. all he wishes is to be by yoochun's side and for the man not to leave him
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi | xii | xiii | xiv | xv | xvi | xvii | xviii | xix | xx | xxi | xxii | xxiii | xxiv | xxv | xxvi | xxvii | xxviii | xxix | xxx | xxxi | xxxii | xxxiii | xxxiv | xxxv | xxxvi | xxxvii

he's mine, only mine (completed / f-locked)
yoochun came to korea to get back with junsu. but will he win him back? and what happens when he finds out something about him?
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi | xii | xiii | xiv | xv | xvi | xvii | xviii | xix | xx | xxi

my chunnie's diary (completed / f-locked)
yoochun's journal entries regarding his failed attempts to confess to his bandmate-slash-secret love, junsu
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix

stepping into your heart (ongoing)
after a painful breakup, yoochun seeks solace from his best friend, junsu, who finally confesses his love for him. he takes the confession as a joke and goes on sulking in his own pain, but the longer he's crashing at his friend's house, stumbling onto the most weird situations, yoochun slowly develops a strong, unknown feeling for junsu. as he finally makes up his mind, gahee comes back
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi | xii | xiii | xiv | xv | xvi | xvii | xviii | xix | xx

i'm in love with a geekazoid (ongoing)
junsu is in love with the school geek, yoochun
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii

send-off (ongoing)
yoochun is a funeral director and junsu is battling a disease
i | ii | iii | iv | v

looking for junsu (completed)
as he is strolling down the beach, yoochun meets someone interesting
part i | part ii

peaches and pranks | wherein you wouldn't want to break up with junsu if he is your boyfriend
baby it's cold outside | yoochun wakes up at the smell of cigarettes
happy to be changmin | seven year old changmin giving his older brother the talk
two words | a very sappy essay
and that's how you do it | junsu thinks he's sexy but yoochun thinks otherwise
art appreciation | wherein yoochun might not be able to handle junsu's bluntness
pick me | junsu's escapades at lotte mart
junsu returns | sequel to pick me
bad day | bickering yoosu in a highschool au
lost in love | things aren't always what they seem
so much for being unique | a sorta kinda gross proposal
of birthdays and chocolates | chibi yoosu with an equally chibi and annoying changmin
i now pronounce you | chibi yoosu with an equally chibi and annoying changmin again
knock knock | junsu and his jokes
two lines | pregnant yoochun and the unexpected father
misplaced | hs au with a temperamental but sweet junsu and a sleepy yoochun
that should be me | obsession is a darker version of love
chun choding | of parties, molestation and an unromantic confession
love, call it pain | masochistic junsu and a messy web of love
all the love in the world | yoochun knows what it's like to love with no boundaries
september 12th | angst, seriously
rebound (locked) | genderswitch junsu
the chicken and the dolphin | sequel to of friends and a confession
broken vow | hey it's me, junsu. don't you remember me?

yunho x junsu

of friends and a confession | junsu confesses to his crush of three years

changmin x jaejoong

happy birthday, baby min | unrequited love

yunho x changmin

the help | implied yunjae. changmin helps lessen yunho's misery
the crush | changmin is crushing on a certain leader

changmin x junsu

close to you (ongoing)
Max, the temperamental rockstar, finds himself granting a fanboy's wish after the said fanboy continuously rang his doorbell at six in the morning, camped out of his house and befriended his manager.
i | ii | iii


rising gays of the east (various pairings)
jaejoong announces his sexual orientation and confusion ensues.
i | ii | iii

sunbae (yunjae, yoosu)
highschool students jaechunsu. college student yunho. changmin has yet to appear
of cookies and a hug | of rants, zombies and a cake

changmin's theories series
because changmin is a little shit and comes up with his own theories
changmin's nipple theory

chat fics
yunjae, yoosu, minbum
of breakups and fried hair | i see no difference

super junior

eunhyuk x donghae

0430 (discontinued)
lee hyukjae is a psychiatrist who gets too attached to his druggie patient, lee donghae. he soon finds himself knowing more than what he needs to.
chapters can be found here

of masks and umbrellas | junsu thinks hyukjae is a coward but hyukjae knows he isn't
of airports and mistaken identities | wherein donghae looks like heechul
pojangmacha | sequel of some sorts to of airports and mistaken identities
chemical imbalance | donghae goes on a blind date
like a drug | donghae isn't a good kisser, hyukjae thinks

kyuhyun x sungmin

jocks and joes (discontinued)
kyuhyun is a jock, sungmin is an average joe. they're together and things are just complicated. well, kyuhyun makes things complicated.
i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi | xii | xiii

henry and the seed | sometimes henry lets his perverted self take over

hankyung x heechul

biggest fan | heechul gets hit with an led lightboard during the concert
heechul and his boyfriend | detailed timeline of heechul's relationships
of brothers and phonecalls | wherein hankyung tries, he really does
kizuna | no one believed in them

various pairings

my boyfriend's betrayal | yewook. cheating ryeowook
apology accepted... not (locked) | heeteuk. shower smut
love revolution | kihae. they are in love, pretty much
for you it's separation, to me it's waiting | kihae. exactly what the title suggests
perfect match | qmi. wherein the two blindly hate each other
everything is not what it seems | mimin. just when everyone ships qmin and qmi
waiting | yewon. in which heechul knocks some sense into jongwoon
unusually unusual | kyuhyuk. hyukjae falls in love at first sight
hyukjae didn't know he was... | kyuhyuk. labour time
now look into my eyes and tell me i love you | hyukchul. teacher-student
just another love story | heewook. wherein heechul really loves ryeowook
of fights and stupidity | shinchul. shindong and heechul yes


round and round, lost and found | yunho x heechul | written with shinminji
that kind of face | eunhyuk x junsu | anyband era
umma and appa (locked) | changmin x kyuhyun | well-
of highschool and a confession | yunho x karam | really
lovelight | changmin x junnosuke | yes changmin and his long lost twin brother


yifan x chanyeol

the wandering (baby daddy au)
"what the hell are you doing here?" not that yifan knew who the intruder was. it could have been anyone, but chanyeol was the person he least expected to see at his doorstep. "is that the way to greet your ex-boyfriend?"
story is posted here

everything i wanted and more (discontinued)
kris wu, the temperamental rockstar, finds himself granting a fanboy's wish after the said fanboy continuously rings his doorbell at six in the morning, camps out of his house and befriends his manager.
i | ii | iii

two fifteen | chanyeol and the mystery boy at the library

jongin x kyungsoo

happy anniversary, love | trigger warning

sehun x luhan

heartbreak diary | snippets from sehun's diary



onew x taemin

am i that stupid? (completed / locked)
lee taemin is shamelessly and head-over-heels in love with his boyfriend, lee jinki, who is oddly close to his best friend, kim kibum. he may be naive at times, but he's not stupid to not know what's going on.
i | ii | iii | iv | v

that should be me | obsession is a darker version of love
what matters most | father-son kind of story
of jocks and nerds | typical highschool au with jinki the jock and taemin the nerd
four-leaf clover | if you find a four-leaf clover you have to marry me
four times when jinki is a jerk and one time he's stupid | exactly what the title suggests

various pairings

you and i (locked) | minho x taemin | genderswitch
fact and fiction | minho x taemin | more like reality and expectation
why are you being like this | onew x key | wherein yesung plays a big role
over | jonghyun x key | trigger warning


jin x kazuya

incomplete (completed)
all kazuya wanted was for jin to accept him as his brother, but jin is intent on making his life miserable.
i | ii | iii | iv | v

nanny 911 (discontinued)
jin never thought an email would change his life forever.
i | ii | iii | iv | v

calling love | a phone call never seemed so hard


of insomniacs and kisses | seungho x joon | joon's insomnia attacks again and seungho is there to the rescue

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