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Stepping Into Your Heart - Seven

Title: Stepping Into Your Heart

Pairing/s: YooSu (main), YooHee, YunJae, HaeHyuk and others.

Characters: Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Park Gahee, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Lee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae and others.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Summary: Yoochun's in a relationship with Gahee, but after a few months Gahee finally admits she has been sleeping with an other all this time and she wants to break up. While suffering from a broken heart he seeks comfort in his best friend, Junsu. After a heart-to-heart talk, Junsu finally confesses his love for Yoochun, and Yoochun takes it as a joke. Junsu has been in love with him long before Gahee came along but was never able to tell him. Yoochun simply waves the confession away and goes on sulking in his own "pain". But the longer he's crashing at his best friend's house, stumbling onto the most weird situations, and a few more confessions, Yoochun slowly develops a strong, unknown feeling for Junsu. As he finally made up his mind, Gahee comes back.

Credits: jadexscandal  for the awesome plot.

Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six


Stepping Into Your Heart - Seven

He watched Jaejoong disappear from his sight and plopped down his bed once the older male was no longer visible. “What should I do?” he asked himself. Did he do the right thing? But he’s gonna do this for Jaejoong and Yunho so it’s alright, right? And it’s not like something bad is gonna happen. “God help me.”


He felt weird and heavy. Slowly, he opened his eyes and squinted it a bit to adjust from the light. His once small tadpole eyes now turned into a big round (almost like Jaejoong’s but still smaller) one. There they were, Changmin and Yoochun sitting on top of him, smiling as if they were doing the coolest thing on earth.

“Why are you two in my bedroom? So early? No that’s not it.” He whispered the last part. “Why are you two sitting on top of me?” he asked, pushing the two away from him but quickly picking Changmin up before he falls on the floor.

“Morning Su” Yoochun greeted making him blush. He hid his blushing face as he kissed his little nephew good morning.

“Good Morning Chun” he greeted back. “Where’s Jaejoong hyung and Yunho hyung?”

“They left early and they called me since they know that you’re probably sleeping in again. And oh, I hope you won’t mind. I brought my things since I’ll be staying here”

Junsu nodded thoughtfully, putting Changmin down. “I’ll take a bath. Yoochunnie, take care of Changmin first”

As he walked away from the two boys, he bit his lip. The scene earlier kept replaying on his head; he shook his head furiously hoping that it would erase that too-hard-to-forget scene earlier.


When Yunho asked him a favor to take care of their little boy, he didn’t hesitate to accept it. Not only because of Changmin. Yes, he wanted to get close to the kid but it was also partly (more like mostly) because of Junsu, he wanted to spend time with his best friend who seems to be distancing himself from him a lot lately. And that fact is annoying him to bits.

Unknown to the other man, he couldn’t sleep properly last night. He knows Junsu too well to figure out that the smaller man didn’t take his rejection well. That definitely made him feel worse but Junsu couldn’t blame him, right?

Alright, he is stupid. He didn’t say he wasn’t. He didn’t know that the man actually has feelings for him and the last time he checked, Junsu was straight as a ruler (but didn’t know that rulers sometimes have dents in it). The first confession (which he stupidly took as a fucking joke) wasn’t really serious for him but seeing his best friend serious about it, he eventually believed that he is totally in love with him. But that didn’t change his feelings towards the man. He couldn’t possibly have a change of heart in a snap.

His thoughts were interrupted when the little boy tugged on his shirt sleeve. “What is it cupcake?” he gave the little one a pet name. Why cupcake? He’s not sure himself. Maybe Changmin reminded him of a cupcake, a sweet and fluffy cupcake. Now that is weird.

Changmin rubbed his tummy, sticking his bottom lip out. “I’m hungry” he whined.

The older male chuckled nervously. He doesn’t know how to cook and Junsu’s still in the shower. By the looks of it, Changmin would burst out crying if he doesn’t give him something now. “You sure you’re hungry?” he asked.

“Uh-huh!” the boy answered cutely, nodding his head. A smile slowly formed the little boy’s lips. “Me want pancake! Chunppa make Changminnie pancake!”

Chunppa is a combination of Yoochun and appa. Since he’s gonna be Changmin’s second father, the boy might as well call him one but Changmin gave him a cooler name (or so he thought), Chunppa. Believe it or not, they just met each other this morning. They haven’t been together for more than four hours.

“Alright, I—“ just then, Junsu’s door burst open.

“What did I miss?” he asked, looking and smelling fresh which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Oh my God Junsu I’m glad you’re here!” Yoochun hugged him tight in happiness. He almost choked to death at the tightness of the hug. The taller man realized that he was practically killing his best friend when he coughed. “I’m sorry. I was just happy. You see, Changmin’s hungry and I don’t know how to cook the food he wants.”

Junsu glanced at his best friend weirdly, ignoring the fact that he just got hugged by the love of his life and butterflies were still on his freaking stomach. When he knew that he already calmed himself down from the contact, he knelt down the level of his nephew and put his hand lightly on his shoulder. “What do you want Changmin ah?”

The little boy beamed, showing his adorable mismatched eyes. “Pancake!”

“Pancake?” he looked at Yoochun in incredulity. “He wants pancake, just pancake. Can you not cook it for him?”

“I’m sorry Junsu ah but I really don’t know. You know I’m not good at these things” Yoochun answered, clearly embarrassed for not knowing any household chore. “Changmin ah, you go watch TV while we cook your food, okay?” he told the little boy who ran towards the living room in response. Junsu yanked his wrist and dragged him in the kitchen.

He let go of the taller man’s wrist and opened his refrigerator and bent down a bit. Yoochun peered over his shoulder and looked at what Junsu was getting. Junsu’s head was on his way so he leaned closer and tip-toed. Unfortunately for them both, Junsu stood up straight that the top of his head collided with Junsu’s chin.

Both men winced in pain. Junsu rubbed his head while Yoochun cupped his chin, almost teary eyed at the pain. “What were you doing?” the annoyed Junsu asked, still rubbing his head.

“I just wanna see what you were getting in the fridge”

Junsu snickered. “That’s what you get for being nosy” he opened the freezer and got some ice. He walked towards a drawer and opened it, puling out a zip lock. As soon as he put the ice inside the zip lock and safely sealed it, he held Yoochun’s chin and damped the ice lightly on it. “Hold it” and just like what he ordered, the lanky man held it.

“I thought you got this for you” Yoochun mumbled, really happy that Junsu was concerned about him. Come to think of it, why won’t he? He’s his best friend and he’s supposed to care for him. He waited for the ice to melt which didn’t take a long time and placed it on the sink. “I’m alright now Junsu ah, what can I do to help you?”

“You’re gonna help?” Junsu raised an eye brow. “Alright then, you cook and I’ll watch you”

“But I don’t know how to!” Yoochun whined. “How am I supposed to know what to mix and all that blah?!”

“Yoochun, there’s something that normal people, like me and unlike you, call pancake mix. All you have to do is add eggs and milk which I already did. And now, you just have to pour it in a frying pan and wait for you to cook. It’s as easy as eating marshmallows you know”

“Well I’m sorry if you have a stupid best friend!”

“Why the hell are you shouting?”

“I’m sorry. Can’t I get offended? And may I ask why you seem annoyed at me?”

“I’m not, okay?”

Yoochun scoffed. “Yeah whatever, but I don’t believe you”

“Then don’t!” he snapped. “I’m not asking you do believe me anyways”

Yoochun didn’t respond. Alright, something’s definitely wrong with Junsu. First, he becomes distant as if Yoochun has germs or contagious disease of some sort. And now he’s acting cold, rude and anything but nice?! Unbelievable! And this all happened ever since he rejected him that night.

“I believe you don’t want me here” Yoochun said coldly.

“No! That’s not true!” the other male answered too quickly.

“But from the way you’re acting and how you speak to me, it says otherwise. I’m taking my leave now. Good bye” he didn’t wait for Junsu’s reply as he left the house not bothering to get his bag but he made sure to bid farewell to his little cupcake.

Junsu stood there rooted to the ground. He didn’t mean to snap at Yoochun. It was just a spur of the moment thing.

He tossed the box he was holding on the floor making its contents spill but he couldn’t care less. “Junppa? Where did Chunppa go?” a voice asked him. He looked to his right and saw Changmin looking at him with questioning and somewhat sad eyes.

He heaved out a sigh and forced out a smile. He figured out that he was Junppa and Yoochun is Chunppa so he didn’t ask the boy further about the pet name. He approached the boy and scooped him in his arms. “Changminnie, Chunppa has to go somewhere so he can’t be with us today. But he’ll come back”

“Really?” Changmin asked, he looked really hopeful and Junsu doesn’t have the heart to crush the little boy’s hopes.

“Yes baby. Now go back to the living room while I finish your breakfast”

“No” the boy shook his head.

A frown appeared on Junsu’s face. “What do you mean?”

“Me want to eat with Chunppa and Junppa but Chunppa’s gone. Me don’t wanna eat anymore!”

He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. His supposed-to-be good morning turned into a disaster.


Next Chapter: Eight
Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, fandom: super junior, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: yoochun/junsu, rating: pg-13
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