the trap / yunho x jaejoong

the trap
slice of life, teeny weeny hint of potential romance  / pg13 / oneshot that's more like a drabble
In his three years of being a firefighter, he has responded to numerous situations. He’s had his fair share of crazy things but this, by far, takes the cake.

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boyfriend material: of dates and moms ; yunho/jaejoong

boyfriend material: of dates and moms
yunho/jaejoong, implied youngdal/bonggun
slice of life, drama / pg13 / oneshot / warning: genderswitch
It's weird enough that there are two guys clinging on to each side of his arms. But both guys literally sharing the same face can be baffling to most.

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close to you (3/?) ; changmin/junsu

close to you
romance, drama / pg13 / 3/?
Max, the temperamental rockstar, finds himself granting a fanboy's wish after the said fanboy continuously rang his doorbell at six in the morning, camped out of his house and befriended his manager.

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