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the crush

the crush
yunho/changmin, implied yunho/jaejoong
romance / pg13 / drabble
The only thing he's supposed to do is help. But someone has a crush on the leader.

i think this can be considered a sequel for this so you might have to read it first :) i swear this made sense in my head. i don't know what happened ;A; lol

He thinks it’s stupid, because how can it not be? Helping him is one thing— he had no choice, but actually liking it to the point that he’s looking forward to another fluffy time with Yunho, is another  and he does not like it one bit.

“Oh come on, Changmin. Don’t be pathetic.” He tells himself. “You’ve evolved to Changman now. You can’t have crushes. Damn it. Crushes are not your thing.”

Changmin has tried talking himself out of this because no, he cannot have a crush on the leader, his brother, his friend-slash-mother-at-times’ boyfriend— husband, if he could even put it that way, having witnessed countless of impromptu marriages by the two. The last thing he ever wants to be is a homewrecker. Sure, he’d been the couple’s third wheel, cockblocker, but he had to be one. It’s his job, to make sure that the older two wouldn’t overdo fanservice or might as well reveal the real deal which would, of course, make the fans happy. But certainly not the management. The media would definitely have a field day.

“Get a hold of yourself, Shim.” He whispers to himself as he makes his way to his living room where the leader is. The man has never made a move to go back his own house for a reason that it wouldn't be a hassle for Changmin to go all the way to his house when he needs him for cuddle time and besides, he doesn't like being alone in his house. It's lonely.

"Oh, Changmin ah." He greets Yunho with a smile and then takes a seat beside him. "I was just talking to Jaejoongie."

He nods and says nothing. It's not that he's jealous. "No. Pfft
— why would I be jealous..."

"Did you say something?"

He blinks. And facepalms when he realizes he's said that out loud. He shakes his head. "Nothing. I'm guessing there'd be no cuddle time?"

When Yunho beams at him and shakes his head in reply, his heart sinks and he just wants to pound his chest with his fist. Stupid heart, don't be that way. I'm not disappointed. Stop that. I can't be disappointed.

Picking up the magazine on the floor
— when he's over with his stupid schoolgirl crush on Yunho, he's going to give him an earful for being such a slob — he absentmindedly flips through the magazine, pretending to read when he's actually observing the older male, watching his every move like a stalker. Since when did you become a stalker, Changmin, he mentally scolds himself. He does not take his eyes off of him and continues watching as his object of interest stretches, tank top riding up showing a little bit of skin. Changmin bites his lip, his eyes traveling to his once toned arms. Images of a tanned Yunho flash through his mind. Yunho looked nothing but amazing back then, not that he doesn't look amazing now but the tan was what made him more amazing, more desirable— he's got the looks, the talent and it was like the cherry on top.

"You need to take a trip to the tanning salon." he blurts out unconsciously.

Yunho blinks. "Excuse me?"

Changmin realizes his mistake and clears his throat, acting as if it isn't a slip up. "Tanning salon. You look better when you're tanned."

"You think so?"

"Hmm, yeah sure."

"Jaejoongie said the same thing." Yunho replies with a wide smile. Changmin scoffs and gets up, announcing that he'll be in his room for the rest of the day.

Once in his room, he turns on his laptop and opens Google then types derp face yunho. He spends the whole night browsing the internet for unflattering pictures and even weird videos of Yunho. "Don't be fooled, Changmin. Yunho's not all that. He's not as gorgeous as you think he is. He sleeps with his eyes and mouth wide open. Not to mention, he's a slob. A slob, Shim. And you don't like slobs who get a boner everytime he's on stage." He repeats over and over like a mantra,
determined to make his schoolgirl crush for the leader go away.

50 styles

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, genre: romance, length: drabble, pairing: yunho/changmin, rating: pg-13
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