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Stepping Into Your Heart - Two

Title: Stepping Into Your Heart

Pairing/s: YooSu (main), YooHee, YunJae, HaeHyuk and others.

Characters: Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Park Gahee, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Lee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae and others.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Summary: Yoochun's in a relationship with Gahee, but after a few months Gahee finally admits she has been sleeping with an other all this time and she wants to break up. While suffering from a broken heart he seeks comfort in his best friend, Junsu. After a heart-to-heart talk, Junsu finally confesses his love for Yoochun, and Yoochun takes it as a joke. Junsu has been in love with him long before Gahee came along but was never able to tell him. Yoochun simply waves the confession away and goes on sulking in his own "pain". But the longer he's crashing at his best friend's house, stumbling onto the most weird situations, and a few more confessions, Yoochun slowly develops a strong, unknown feeling for Junsu. As he finally made up his mind, Gahee comes back.

Credits: jadexscandal  for the awesome plot.

Chapters: One



Stepping Into Your Heart - Two

Days passed and Yoochun hasn't and has no plan of getting out of his room that used to be THEIR room. Now that Gahee's gone, he has no purpose to live. He may be exaggerating it but it's true.


Junsu stared at his cell phone - Yoochun called him. Why? He doesn't know. He tried calling Yoochun lots of times but it's either he doesn't answer it, or he turned it off. He has no idea on what happened to Yoochun but he knows that something is wrong. Yoochun usually picks up his call wherever he is or whatever he's doing.

When he arrived at Yoochun's house, he knocked on the door several times but no one was answering it. He knows that Yoochun's inside. Then, he remebered that Yoochun has a spare key which is under the flower pot that their friend, Jessica, gave them. He lifted the flower pot and smiled when he saw the key. He immediately picked up the key and opened the house.

When he entered, he felt empty. He then went towards Yoochun's room and opened the door. There, he found Yoochun lying on the bed, sleeping. His eyes looked swollen, it must be from crying too much. And from the looks of it, Yoochun hasn't eaten anything for a while.

He sighed and gently shook Yoochun's body to wake him up. Not that he's inconsiderate but he just wants to know the truth.

Few moments after, he successfully woke Yoochun up. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Yoochunnie, what happened?" Junsu asked worriedly. Yoochun didn't answer, instead, he just looked at him with sad eyes. Those eyes almost killed Junsu. It was a pity to see Yoochun in that state. "Chunnie, please answer me."

"She's gone." Yoochun answered simply, with an expressionless face and a cold voice.

"You mean Gahee?" Yoochun nodded, his expression not changing. "Why?"

Yoochun shrugged his shoulders. "She cheated on me."

Junsu gasped. He didn't expect Gahee cheating on his best friend. Gahee's a very sweet and caring person so he doesn't understand why. But he understands one thing, everything happens for a reason.

And what's the reason? No one knows.

Junsu could't do anything, he leaned closer to give Yoochun a hug. The latter whole-heartedly accepted his hug. He needs one. "Thank you Junsu." Yoochun muttered, his face on the crook of Junsu's neck.

He smiled. "This is the only thing I can do for you."

They spent the next few minutes in that posistion until Yoochun fell asleep. Junsu carefully placed him back on the bed and tucked him in. Since Yoochun hasn't eaten anything, he decided to cook something for him. He's not a great cook but he knows how, courtesy of his cousin's boyfriend.


While cooking, he heard footsteps. He turned around and saw Yoochun approaching him. "Oh, you're awake now. Come here and sit. This'll be done."

"But I'm not hungry." Yoochun said.

Junsu gave him a smile. "Yes you are. And you're going to eat." Yoochun sighed and finally gave in. He sat on the chair and waited for Junsu to finish. "Here." Junsu put the soup on the table.

Yoochun looked at it for a second then he picked up his spoon and started to eat. Junsu stared at him and smiled. At least Yoochun listens to him.

After dinner, he instructed Yoochun to take a bath and fix himself. Yoochun protested at first but then agreed.


"Hey oppa where are you?" Jessica asked on the other line.

"I'm at Yoochun's house. Why?"

Jessica sighed. "I can't find you sister."



"She hasn't called me or anything. Maybe she's at Yoona's house." Junsu answered.

"Yoona? Ya Junsu oppa! How could you say that!?"

"Is there a problem?" Junsu thought for a while and chuckled. "Oh right. Sorry. I forgot that Yoona likes Yuri. Don't worry Sica, she won't cheat on you."

Jessica sighed. "I hope you're right oppa. Hmm..I have to go now. Bye!"

"Bye." then they both hung up.

"Who's that?" Junsu jumped in surprise. He turned around and saw Yoochun drying his hair with a towel. He looks hot. Junsu shook his head, it's not the right time to fanboy over Yoochun's hotness.

"Jessica." he answered after snapping back into reality.

Yoochun nodded. "I see."

"Uhm, Chunnie." Yoochun looked at him. "Can we talk?"


"Yoochun ah,  you still love her right?" Junsu asked as soon as they both settled down the living room.


That simple answer broke Junsu's heart big time. "Yoochunnie..w-what if I tell you that I love you?"


Next Chapter: Three
Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, fandom: snsd, fandom: super junior, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: yoochun/junsu, rating: pg-13
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