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Jocks and Joes - Six

Title: Jocks and Joes

Pairing: KyuMin

Genre: AU, Romance, Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Length: 6/?

Summary: Kyuhyun is a jock, Sungmin is an average Joe. They're together and things are just complicated, rather Kyuhyun's making things complicated.

Chapter(s): o1 | o2 | o3 | o4 | o5

A/N: Ta-da! A crappy update. LOL Enjoy! ^^


“What the fuck!”

Changmin looked up from his tray of food while the underclassman, Kibum, jumped in shock. Changmin sighed and asked, “What’s wro—oh..” but stopped as he looked at the direction where Kyuhyun is looking at. “Hey man, calm down”

Kyuhyun shot him a glare. “Calm down? Are you fucking kidding me, Shim? How can I calm down when someone is flirting with my boyfriend?”

“My man, I know you’re jealous but I don’t think jealousy makes you blind. If you look at them clearly, they’re just eating”

“Yeah, and the guy just had to feed my baby with his spoon! That’s indirect kiss you fool!”

“I know, I didn’t say it wasn’t. Anyway, just let it go. They’re friends, there’s nothing wrong with that”

“Friends? Since when? I haven’t seen that guy, I don’t even know who he is!”

“His name’s Choi Siwon,” Kibum managed to say after a few attempts since Kyuhyun just wouldn’t stop talking.

“You know him?” Changmin asked, he nodded.

“He’s pretty famous, but not as famous as you guys. People adore him, he’s got the looks, talent and he’s a nice person in general. He’s in the drama club and an aspiring actor, I’ve seen him doing cameos in some shows and I should say he’s awesome. He—“ a cough was heard and Kibum immediately stopped talking.

“I’m here, if you forgot. I don’t really appreciate you praising another guy in front of me. And besides, why do you know so much about him?”

It just so happened that Kibum is a fan of Siwon and Changmin didn’t like it one bit. Although not a kingka, Siwon has quite a big number of fans in and outside the school but that’s not the issue so no need to talk about it. Changmin was still jealous and being the dense and clueless person that he is, Kibum still couldn’t get why Changmin was acting like that. Their conversation turned into an argument in which Kyuhyun wasn’t involved so he could care less.

His attention was focused at the ‘couple’ across him. He’s possessive, yes and he’s proud of that. If only he can tell the whole world that Sungmin is his and his only. But no, they have to act like freaking strangers just to protect Sungmin from the bitches.

Even if he’s jealous and all, he’s still happy to see that Sungmin isn’t quite comfortable with Siwon. Hello, hasn’t Siwon heard of a thing called personal space? He’s too close dammit! It was obvious that he’s trying to hit on the poor boy and tough luck, Sungmin clearly isn’t interested in what he’s doing.

“He can ditch me for that guy?” a sudden thought popped out of Kyuhyun’s mind and it bothered him to no end. He just couldn’t take it anymore so he fished out his phone from his pocket and dialed a very familiar number. “I can see you,” he said as soon as the latter picked up the call.

‘Oh hey, uhm where are you?’

“In front of you” Sungmin did as he was told and gasped upon having an eye contact with Kyuhyun. “Surprise babe,”

‘Uhm, hey this isn’t what it looks like’

“Save your explanation for later babe, I’m hanging up. But if I see that guy touching you again, don’t expect me to just continue sitting here and watch you” He really meant what he said. Nothing’s gonna stop him from beating the daylights out of Siwon of he sees him having skinship with his Sungmin again.


“Changmin sunbae,” as expected, he was ignored. After what happened at lunch, Changmin started to ignore Kibum and the latter doesn’t know why. He tried talking to him though, but it was useless. Changmin just won’t talk to him. He sighed, “Fine. I’m leaving”

But just like any dramas out there, Changmin grabbed his wrist before he could even walk away. “Don’t go,”

“Sunbae, I’ve been trying to talk to you for a while now but you’re ignoring me. What am I supposed to do?”

Just then, his sunbae pulled him in a tight hug which he didn’t expect, really. “I’m sorry Kibum ah. You like Siwon but you don’t like me, I’m just jealous”


Changmin nodded, tightening his embrace on his junior. “I don’t know how you couldn’t notice that I like you. I like you Kibum, and I want you to like me back”

“Sunbae..” Kibum’s hands fell limply on his sides, still comprehending his sunbae’s sudden confession.

“Please, just let me hold you like this. I’m frustrated enough to know that you like someone else, but please don’t reject me”

It was the first time that Changmin begged someone for something. He usually doesn’t since he’s a man full of pride. Kibum didn’t know exactly what to do. He doesn’t want to reject Changmin but he doesn’t want him to get his hopes up ‘cause he really doesn’t like him that way. And besides, they just met each other personally yesterday and they don’t even know each other that much. It was really hard to decide, so Kibum just did what he was supposed to do.


“Lee Sungmin!” he turned around and a girl approached him. “First it was Kyuhyun oppa, and now Siwon oppa? You’re really a slut, aren’t you?”

“Excuse me, but I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he responded politely, but he knows where this was going.

“You whore! And now you’re denying everything? Oh please! Stop talking to any of your oppas if you still want to live”


“But what? You won’t leave them alone until they sleep with you?” Now that was harsh. Here he was, trying to talk to her as politely as he can and now she’s talking to him as if she knows everything. She scoffed, “What? Cat got your tongue? I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Please stop,” he said almost inaudibly, his fists clenched together as he bit his lip. He wanted to cry but shouldn’t, not in front of her.

“Sungmin sweetie,” she then caressed Sungmin’s face. “No need to act all innocent. We all know who you really are,”

“N-no..stop please..”

“Stop? You want me to stop?” he nodded, his head hung low. She smirked, “Alright, I’ll stop. Not before I do this,” and all of a sudden, she slapped Sungmin hard on the cheek. Everyone in the hallway who witnessed the scene, stopped. Some felt bad for him and majority of them laughed.

“HOW DARE YOU FUCKING HIT HIM!” almost immediately, all the laughter died down. Fear was evident on their faces as they looked at the owner of the voice.


A/N: I know I was supposed to focus on QMin but I can't help but put something for MinBum. LOL Lemme know what you think! ^^

Next Chapter: Seven
Tags: fandom: super junior, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, rating: pg-13
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