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I’m In Love with a Geekazoid - Seven

Title: I’m In Love with a Geekazoid

Pairing:  JunChun ; ChangChul & YunJae

Genre: Romance, Fluff & AU


Rating: PG-13

Summary: Junsu is in love with the school geek, Yoochun.

Chapter: [o1] | [o2] | [o3] | [o4] | [o5] | [o6]

a/n; super duper hyper mega late update, i'm sorry. err..enjoy?


I’m In Love with a Geekazoid - Seven



Blink blink

“Uhm, I’ll just sleep on the floor” Yoochun insisted which Junsu didn’t agree to. For the past ten minutes, all they’ve been doing is stare at the bed which is, if you may ask, big enough to fit the both of them.

“Do you..is it alright if we share the same bed?” Junsu took the initiative to ask. Yoochun was hesitant at first but eventually agreed. What choice did he have anyways? It was Junsu’s room to begin with so he makes the decisions. It was awkward, yeah it definitely was. Both high schoolers weren’t able to sleep. “Yoochun ah, are you okay?” Junsu finally found the courage to ask after a silent mini battle with himself.

“I can’t sleep,” came Yoochun’s reply.

“Me too, and I’m bored”

“Let’s talk,” Yoochun suggested. “..sounds good?”

Junsu nodded although he knows that there’s a slim chance that Yoochun might see it. “Hmm..so..”

“Tell me something about your family?” he suggested a topic. They’ve been good friends for quite a while now but they haven’t really talked about personal issues such as family and stuff.

“Alright,” Junsu thought it was a really good idea. “I have a twin brother, the name’s Junho. My parents are divorced but they’re in really good terms. Hmm..what else..”

“You have a twin brother? That’s so cool.”

“It’s not as cool as you think it is,”

“You’re not close?” he questioned.

“Oh no, we are very close. It’s just that he always nags like a freaking mother and it’s annoying”

Yoochun chuckled. “I wish I know how you feel, I don’t really have a brother or sister so yeah..”

“Trust me Yoochun ah, you’ll prefer to be an only child if my brother becomes your brother. If you know what I mean” he was slowly feeling comfortable with Yoochun beside him so he slowly snaked his hands on Yoochun’s waist and pulled him close. “I hope you don’t mind,”

“Ah, no. Of course not.” Yoochun answered, but he was silently panicking. Feeling Junsu’s warm chest on his cheeks felt really nice. “Junsu ah, I’ve been thinking..”

“Hmm..?” he was utterly surprised when he felt Yoochun’s hands on his waist, the guy was actually hugging him back. A smile crept up his lips. “What were you saying?”

“I just wanted to ask if you ever had a..uhm..a boyfriend? Or girlfriend maybe?” he wasn’t jealous or anything, he was just really curious.

Junsu didn’t want to lie but he didn’t want to talk about his past either, he had no choice but to spill the truth. “Yeah, I had a boyfriend..it was just a fling though. We were both curious about relationships so we tried it out but obviously it didn’t work out. We just don’t have feelings for each other.” He felt Yoochun’s head bob. “How about you?”


That definitely was a shocker. As far as he remembered from their previous talks, Yoochun hasn’t had boyfriends or girlfriends. “W-who?” he found himself asking.

“Wait a sec..” Yoochun replied, pulling away from the hug and got of the bed. He wondered where he went and just then, his cell phone buzzed. He flipped his phone open and it was a message from Yoochun? Just then, a wide grin spread across his face as he read the contents of the said message.



Although the two got together already, they didn’t want to tell the others about it. They want them to find out for themselves. Junsu sat on the bed with a happy smile on his face as he waited for his other half to finish showering. He didn’t believe Yoochun at first though. He thought that he was just giving in again so as he could repay his kindness, but when Yoochun told him those three words..he was the happiest man alive. Everything felt surreal, too good to be true.

The bathroom door creaked open and came out a fresh-looking Yoochun, and Junsu was stunned at that. Wet hair dripping down his tank top, semi-toned muscles..boy was it so hot. “Y-you work out?” Junsu found himself asking. Yoochun may not be well-built but it was definitely something.

“Sometimes,” Yoochun answered, feeling a bit self-conscious of Junsu checking him out.

The self-proclaimed man in the relationship noticed his lover of approximately nine hours getting a bit uncomfortable. “I was just asking, no need to feel embarrassed about it” he told the man who nodded in response. “Come on, let’s go!”

The couple waltzed down the hallway until they arrived at the dining room where they were greeted by the others. “Good morning you two! How was your night?” Heechul asked enthusiastically, wiggling his eye brows as he took a bite of his pancake.

“It was okay,” Junsu replied, settling down beside Yoochun. “You want pancakes or rice?” he then asked, looking at Yoochun with a sweet smile.

Yoochun smiled back, “Pancake is fine. How about you?”

“Rice please” Yoochun took Junsu’s plate and filled it with rice. Junsu has a big appetite so the more rice, the better. On the other hand, Junsu was busy pouring syrup on Yoochun’s pancakes.

The two were too busy with each other that they didn’t notice pairs of curious eyes staring at them. “Are you guys like together or something?” Yesung managed to ask after a while of staring. Junsu looked at him and grinned, not giving an answer. Wasn’t it obvious? Like, duh.

“You’re together now, aren’t you?” Heechul looked at them suspiciously. He glanced around the table and clapped his hands. “I say they’re together.”

“Me too, totally” Changmin agreed and the others did too. Everyone congratulated the couple and wished them the best; they knew the two deserved each other.


“Thank you,” Junsu stated, walking side by side with Yoochun by the shore, their hands intertwined.

“For what?”

“For accepting me, for loving me, for..us”

Yoochun shook his head. “I should be the one thanking you. You made me feel special, like I’m wanted. Besides Kyuhyun, no one likes me, no one wants to be with me because—“

“You’re a nerd?” he scoffed. “Oh come on! How shallow can they get? Fuck those stereotypes.” Yoochun felt Junsu’s grip on his hand tighten.

“Hey, don’t get so worked up about it. I don’t care about them anyway. As long as I have you and the gang, that’s what matters”

“You always make me fall in love with you all over again!”

“Junsu, that was too cheesy.”

“Oh..sorry” that practically ended their conversation. The next few minutes were spent in a comfortable silence, the waves in the ocean the only source of noise. Junsu then noticed Yoochun’s uneasy expression. It’s as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t. “You’d be lying if you’ll say there’s nothing wrong, tell me whatever’s bothering you.”

“Ah, it’s nothing..really”

“Yoochun ah, you know how much I hate liars” Yoochun eventually gave up. He knew it was impossible to fool Junsu.

“I’m just..curious. M-may I..may I know who your first boyfriend was?” he asked in embarrassment. He really didn’t want to ask such question, he was just really curious.

“Jealous?” Junsu knew it was out of curiosity but he couldn’t help but tease the man. “Kidding Chun, kidding. It was Changmin. And if you’re wondering if the others know about it, yes they do”

“Wow,” was all Yoochun could say. Changmin was the person who least expected to have something intimate with Junsu. “Your parents..are they alright with you dating a guy?” he asked after a while.

Junsu nodded. “We have talked about it. I mean, I have dated Changmin before and it wasn’t that big of a deal to them”

“But you two weren’t serious,” he tried to reason out. He wasn’t sure if Junsu’s parents would approve of their relationship, and that scared him. He didn’t want his boyfriend’s parents hating on him.

“Yah, you worry too much.”

“I can’t help it,” he whispered but still, Junsu was able to hear it.

“You want to meet them?” he asked. He has thought about it for a while and he has decided to let Yoochun meet his family. It would be a good chance for them to get to know each other and he knew it can lessen Yoochun’s insecurities. “Come on Chun, they’re nice!”

“I know, I’m just scared. What if they hate me? What if they don’t think I’m good enough for you? What if—“

“Hey hey! Stop that nonsense. How could they not like you? I mean, you’re Park Yoochun!”

“Exactly, Junsu. I’m Park Yoochun, the nerd.”

Junsu didn’t like how Yoochun looks down on himself. “They liked Changmin when we were together, it’s almost impossible for them to not like you. You’re a thousand times better than that brat.” It saddens him that Yoochun makes a big deal about him being a nerd. He heaved out a deep sigh and made Yoochun face him. “Look Yoochun, I don’t want to have this kind of conversation again. You don’t know how awesome you are. I don’t like you saying stupid shit about yourself.”

“I’m sorry,” Yoochun hung his head low, embarrassed. “I’m just..I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise. I love you.”

That definitely brightened Junsu’s mood. “I love you too,”


a/n; they're finally together, yay? lol tell me what you guys think. thanks!


Next Chapter: Eight
Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, fandom: super junior, genre: au!highschool, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: yoochun/junsu, rating: pg-13
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