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what matters most

what matters most
onew/taemin (father/son)
au!general ; pg13 ; one shot
Taemin knows what's important.

{edit: revised, rewritten, re-everything}

{early morning smiles}

“Daddy, where is mommy?” asks his ten-year old son.  It's not that he doesn't know how to reply, the thing is, he's been avoiding that question ever since.

He forces out a smile. "How about we get you some ice cream, Taemin ah?" He's hoping and praying that his little boy won't notice the sudden change of topic. "Hmm. You like?" He breathes a sigh of relief when the response was positive.

Jinki takes him the the park after the trip to the ice cream parlor. "Daddy," Taemin calls out, licking his vanilla ice cream. "What's mom like?"

Just when he thought the subject was long forgotten, Taemin goes asking again. “Taemin, honey, let’s not talk about that, okay?” He pulls him to sit on his lap. “You don’t wanna be with daddy?”
The little boy shakes his head furiously, dropping the dessert on the ground as he hugs his father. "Taeminnie loves daddy!" he exclaimed, planting a kiss on his father's lips.  They stay in that position for a little while before Jinki decides to pull away.

"And daddy loves Taeminnie too." he says. Taemin is far more important than anyone and anything else. Although he once thought of Taemin as unwanted, a mistake, it changed when he realized that Taemin wasn't at fault. He did nothing. He's innocent. Clearly, the kid has nothing to do with what happened between him and the other person so he shouldn't take out his anger and frustration on the boy.

They observe the passers by and Taemin spots a typical happy family then tells him how he's envious of them. He feels guilty. Guilty for not being able to give him the family he needs and says sorry for it. "No." Taemin replies, much to his surprise. "I don't need mommy."


"I'm just curious about her, daddy. I wanna know who she is and what she does. That's just it. You know how much I love you and I won't choose someone who abandoned me over you." he pauses, then continues, "I don't care if I don't have a mommy. What's important is that I have you. I'm proud to be your son. I'm proud to have a father like you."

Those words, which he has no idea that Taemin is capable of saying, touched his heart and brought tears to his eyes. “Taeminnie,” he hugs the little boy ever so tight that he is almost breaking him. “I love you.” he showers him with butterfly kisses on the face. “I love you so much I would die without you.”

“I love you too daddy.” Taemin buries his face on Jinki’s neck and hugs him again.

After their moment in the park, Jinki decides to go shopping because he's in a fairly good mood. He brings his son to the toy store and the excitement on Taemin's face is obvious. He kneels down and grins. "Alright buddy, go grab whatever you want. I'll be right here." In a swift motion, Taemin runs away, grabbing anything that he could get his hands on. Jinki watches.

When he turns around, his smile drops instantly. "Am I in a fucking movie?" he deadpans. Then turns around.

"Jinki." he walks away to Taemin's direction and feels himself grabbed on the wrist."Jinki, wait."

He stops dead on his tracks and faces the other person. "What do you want?" he asks rather icily. He wants to get out. He wants to get Taemin out of there.

"Can we talk?"

"No." is his firm answer. He pries his arm away and walks off. He catches up to Taemin and picks him up. "Let's go honey." he could see his son's confused face but he honestly couldn't care less. "Daddy's in a hurry, baby. Let's pay for your toys and go home, okay?" Taemin nods.

Much to his relief, they successfully escape without getting caught. "Why are you in a hurry." Taemin asks, walking with beside him hand in hand.

"Because daddy's got some business to do."

"You don't have a business." Taemin points out the obvious.

He chuckles. "Well, I don't. By business, I meant I have things to do. To take care off."

"Jinki!" he freezes, clutching on to Taemin's hand tightly making the boy slightly wince in pain. Moments after, he makes a move again. He takes long strides, dragging a panting Taemin with him. "Lee Jinki wait!"


"Shut up Taemin! Keep walking!" he knows he doesn't mean those words but they have to get out of there fast. It's like a life and death situation. But it seems like his little angel didn't like his language as he starts to cry. He stops.

And forgets that someone is chasing him—them.

"Finally!" he looks up from comforting the crying Taemin and sees her. The woman who made his life miserable. The woman who abandoned him and left him with a child. The woman who is Taemin's mother.

Upon seeing the presence of another person, Taemin stops crying and wipes his tears as he looks at the woman from head to toe. "Is he..." The woman trails off, "ours?"

Jinki scoffs. "Are you kidding me? He's mine, you have to get that in your head."

She ignores him and smiles at Taemin. "Hey there cutie pie! What's your name?"

Jinki grits his teeth. "Stop it, Gwiboon!"

"Taemin," the boy answers, not really knowing what's going on.

"I'm Gwiboon, your mommy."

"M-mommy?" Gwiboon nods, still ignoring the fuming Jinki. "I hate you." Taemin mumbles, startling both adults. "You made daddy cry. I hate you."

She, of course, is taken aback by her son's words but she doesn't blame him for that. She knew she was wrong and she made a promise to herself that if ever she sees their son one day, she's not gonna expect something from him. All she wants is for Taemin to acknowledge her as his mother. But it seems like it's not gonna happen. Not too soon.

Taemin knocks on his father's bedroom door. Jinki opens it only to be almost tackled down on the ground. "Hey there," he chokes out.

"Can I sleep with you?"

"Of course, honey. Anytime." Jinki lays Taemin on his bed and jumps under the covers. He stretches out an arm for his son to use as a pillow. He hums a melody that has always put Taemin to sleep. Taemin snuggles closer his chest. "Good night baby, I love you." he whispers, planting a kiss atop Taemin's head.

"Good night daddy. I love you too. Daddy..."


"Please don't cry. You still have me."

"I know, honey. I know."

"Please laugh again." Taemin continues, "We can always find a new mommy." and Jinki laughs.

Tags: fandom: shinee, genre: au!general, length: one shot, pairing: onew/taemin, rating: pg-13
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