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of jocks and nerds

of jocks and nerds
romance ; pg ; drabble
The sole reason why Jinki is dating Taemin.

{edit: revised, rewritten, re-everything}

{one four three}

Skaters, preps, emos, goths, moshers, drama queens, bimbos, jocks and nerds; they are all part of the high school steroptypes. Where does Jinki belong? The jocks, of course.

Every jock needs to have a cheerleader on the side. But in Jinki's case, a nerd is what he has. Not that he minds. He's not even complaining. The others are, though.

"What's so good about that skinny boy? I bet he can't even lift a pen." his friend jokes, completely unaware of the glare Jinki is shooting him. He high fives another friend, who goes by the name Byunghee, and laughs his ass off.

"I feel bad for him though." Byunghe says. "It's like he's going to break or something if you poke him."

Jinki stands up and walks away, ignoring the shouts of his stupid friends. He doesn't know how they have the guts to make fun and insult his boyfriend in front of him. They just don't have the decency to keep their insults to themselves. He walks along the hallway then stops into a classroom. Once he opens the door, gasps and squeals could be heard but he could only care less. He steps in and walks to the back, sitting beside Taemin, his boyfriend. Taemin, the nerd.

"Hey," Taemin looks at him and smiles before going back to read his precious book. "After class?" he asks and Taemin nods, knowing what it meant. He nods. "Cool. I'll pick you up after class, okay?"

"Jinki oppa!" Both males look up to see a bimbo standing before them. Being called oppa by someone he doesn't even knows annoys the crap out of him, but he just kept quiet and let her be for the sake of a peaceful and smooth sailing day.

"Who are you?" he asks as politely as he could.

The bimbo crosses her arms and smiles oddly which Taemin thinks is supposed to be seductive. He blinks and shakes his head. "Bae Suzy at your service."

"What do you want?" JInki asks again.

She winks as she replies, "You." Jinki finds it disturbing in more ways than one and Taemin tried hard not to chuckle.

Jinki smiles a weird smile. Creepy, Taemin thinks. "If you haven't noticed, I'm taken."

"Oh really now?" Bae Suzy scoffs. "This nerd right here," she whacks Taemin on the head. "What's so good about him? He's boring, plain, boring and plain. And he's a guy!"

"I'm aware of his gender, Bae ssi. Now, if you must, get the hell out of our faces or do you want me to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon for you?" She doesn't seem to be fazed by the threat. She grabs Jinki's collar and kisses him full on the lips, much to everyone's surprise. Jinki wipes his lips and looks at her seriously. "Do you wanna know the only reason why I'm with him?"

Everyone's eyes are on them, Taemin feels his heart thumping rapidly, and Suzy is expecting a confession from Jinki.

"Because I love him." It's a punch in the face for the girl. While the others think it was sweet, most of them were disgusted by it. Jinki sees everyone looking at them and speaks up, "Don't like our relationship? Too bad 'cause whether or not you like it, you have no choice but to suck it up."

Taemin’s heart does somersaults and he grabs Jinki’s hand, dragging him out of the room before he even creates a scandal.

Tags: fandom: shinee, genre: romance, length: drabble, pairing: onew/taemin, rating: pg-13
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