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sunday morning

title: sunday morning
pairing: yunho/jaeoong
genre: fluff
rating: PG-13
length: drabble
summary: It’s Sunday, it’s Yunho’s birthday and Jaejoong is the most unromantic person alive.

a/n; late post, sue me. i received a Yunho birthday text message from a friend which made me go ‘aww!’ and it’s really, really sweet so i had to make something. lol that didn’t make sense, did it?

Yunho wakes up at the smell of something cooking. He stifles a yawn and wraps a blanket around his naked self. His thoughts go back to what happened the previous night, Jaejoong giving him a surprise visit (which wasn’t really what you call a surprise since Changmin had a slip up when they were having a conversation), spending a night at his flat. And of course it wouldn’t be a YunJae sleepover if it doesn’t involve getting jiggy.

He snaps out of daze when he hears a loud scream probably from the kitchen, he sprints out of the room to the source of the disturbing sound. There he finds his boyfriend sucking on his finger and boy was it so sexy. Still clad in a blanket, he approaches him and worriedly examines his finger. “Hurt yourself?” he asks.

The main vocalist nods, letting Yunho nurse his abused finger. “It’s that knife’s fault.”

“And now you blame the knife, seriously Jaejoong? Why are you even cooking?”

“Hey, it’s your birthday, I should at least cook something for you. We’re both busy people, with our schedules, we can’t afford to even spend an hour lazing around at home. You’re lucky you were given a weekend vacation.”

“Only because it’s my birthday and I requested for it.”

“Same thing, vacation. And can you please put something on? I know you’re hot and all but it’s pretty disturbing.”

Yunho chuckles, waddling out the kitchen to take a bath. It’s been a while and he misses Jaejoong’s nagging. “Hanabuteo yeolkkaji da neol wihan sori..” he sings softly as he walks in the bathroom.

More than anything, he wants to spend his birthday with Jaejoong, just the two of them, and now that it is fulfilled, he couldn’t be any happier. In full speed, he finishes getting himself all cleaned up, just in time for breakfast. Aroma of good food fills the room and Jaejoong swears he could see drool on the side of Yunho’s mouth.

The leader stuffs himself like he hasn’t eaten for a decade and Jaejoong appreciates it. “Is it that good?” he asks. And even before Yunho could open his mouth to respond, he chokes. Jaejoong panics, grabbing his own glass of juice and passing it to his choking lover. “Relax, okay? No one’s stealing your food, just slow down.”

It must be the best meal he’s ever had since last month. No exaggeration.

“Thanks babe, it was awesome.” He grins at Jaejoong, grabbing a hold of his hand. A look of confusion decorates his face as Jaejoong removes his hand from his and fishes out something from his back pocket.

“Here. I know this isn’t something big, but with limited free time I have, this is all I can give you.”

He examines the folded paper and opens it not long after. He takes a glance at Jaejoong before reading its contents.

Before he could even respond, Jaejoong snatches the paper out of embarrassment. “You don’t have to read it you know. It’s not..I know it’s not—“

“I like it babe, I love it.” he grabs it back and slips it in his pocket. “You know, those words..it means so much to me.” A smile spreads across his lips as he walks over to Jaejoong’s side, enveloping him in a hug. Jaejoong leans on his broad chest and closes his eyes. “You know what..”


“I’ll choose you over anything anytime. I’d rather spend each day with you than wi—“

“Liar.” Jaejoong laughs with his eyes closed. “I know you can’t give up your career just like that.”

Yunho chuckles. “You’re right. But still, I have to have you by my side or else I don’t think I’ll have the will to live.”

“How cheesy can you get, huh?”

No grand celebration, no visitors, no balloons, party poppers or anything fancy, just a simple breakfast for the two of them. And Yunho wouldn’t trade that moment for anything else.


a/n; whoever owns that message, ilysfm. ^^

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, genre: fluff, length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, rating: pg-13
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