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title: waiting
pairing: siwon/yesung, friendship!heechul/yesung
genre: romance
rating: pg13
length: oneshot
summary: In which Heechul knocks some sense into Jongwoon

a/n; there are lots of dialogues in here just because i feel like it.

“You do know you’re my friend and I love you, right?” he nods. “And you do know that although you’re my friend, I won’t hesitate to shave your head, right?”again, he nods and does a double-take at his friend, finding the statement offending. “Kim Jongwoon, you plastic, just go and tell him that you love him. It’ll save you both from misery.”

“Heechul, sometimes, people play hard to get to know that the other person’s feelings are real.”

Heechul sips on his cup of coffee. “You know how sincere he is. Give the man a chance, will you? He thinks you hate him.”

Which is not true. I’m allowing myself to have some time to think, I don’t want to mess things up for myself.”

“Then what about him? He has done every stupid thing you asked him to do. Just the mere fact that he likes you has messed up his life already. Gosh Jongwoon, just do him a favor and dump him. I’m pretty sure you know that I like him as much as you do, I won’t hesitate to steal him from you anytime.”

Jongwoon stares at Heechul and shakes his head. He isn’t the least bit threatened by him. He knows no matter how much Heechul is head-over-heels in love with the same man; he’s not a bitch who steals other people’s love interests.

“I don’t even know why you’re doing this. Your reasons don’t seem to make sense.” Heechul mumbles. All he wants is for Jongwoon to be happy. “Winnie the Pooh once said, you can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for someone. You have to go to them sometimes. What if he gives up? What if, one day, he realizes that waiting for you isn’t at all worth it?”

And that scared the hell out of Jongwoon. He knows Heechul is right, he knows that if he continues this silly game of his, he’ll end up losing everything important. But he’s scared. Scared that it might not work out, scared that he won’t be a good boyfriend, scared that he isn’t the one for him.

“Don’t be silly!” Heechul tells him. “You won’t figure it out unless you try.”

“I…I guess you’re right.”

He is right.

When he musters up courage, he decides that it’s best if he surprise visits him at home. But it turns out that he was the one surprised upon seeing an unfamiliar man standing in front of him. “Hey, uhm, is Siwon there?”

The guy shakes his head but smiles at him. “I’m sorry he’s out at the moment. He’ll be back soon though. You can wait for him in the living room if you want. Or if there is something you want to tell him, I could just pass it to him for you.”

Jongwoon panics, flailing his arms frantically. “Oh, no, it’s nothing really important. I-I’ll go now. Please don’t tell him I came. Thank you!” he bows at the stranger and literally runs away from the house.

Whoever that was, he didn’t want to know. Apparently, it’s too late. Siwon has moved on. And it hurts, it hurts like hell. How’s he supposed to tell Heechul without him going all ‘I told you so’? He sighs, and heads to a café. Not before calling Heechul telling him to meet him there.

Heechul doesn’t laugh. He looks at his friend seriously and takes his hand into his. “First of all, it’s a good thing you’re not a cry baby. But it’s not bad to cry sometimes. I know you feel down and all that shit but you know I’m here. I’m just not good in consoling someone but you know I’ll always be here for you. Oh shit that was cheesy, wasn’t it? Pretend I didn’t say that out loud but don’t pretend I didn’t say it.”

Jongwoon looks at him. “You talk too much.”

If Siwon is happy with that guy then he should let them be. He doesn’t want to ruin Siwon’s happiness for his own happiness. He’s not selfish. He then makes a decision that it’s best if he avoids Siwon at all costs. And so he does.

He sees him on the mall with the same guy from before and he turns around and walks away before one of them notices his presence. He bumps into Siwon two days after and he made up lame excuses so he could leave. Siwon notices the behavior and wonders if he has done something to make the other act like that. He consults Heechul who wasn’t much of a help ‘cause he was practically kicked out of the diva’s house even before he could step in.

“Siwon came.” Heechul tells Jongwoon one evening. “And I kicked him out.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I can.”

Jongwoon glares hard at him. “Heechul.” The other sighs.

“Fine! I didn’t like what he did to you, okay? I know I don’t have the right to meddle with his relationship with the other guy, but he should at least have said something to you about it. He was too eager wooing you and now we find out he has a boyfriend? That’s bullshit.”

He knows where Heechul’s coming from but isn’t he the one who told him about the possibilities of Siwon giving up on him?

Maybe it’s time to really move on and forget that Siwon was once in his life.

Or maybe not.

“Hey,” he turns around and sees a smiling Siwon. It is Sunday morning and it’s kind of a habit for him to have breakfast in his favorite café. Heechul rolls his eyes at the sight and sighs.

“I’ll leave you two alone but Choi Siwon, I’m watching you.”

They both stare at Heechul’s retreating back before Siwon questions, “What’s his problem?”

Jongwoon shrugs. “You should get used to him by now.” he tries his hardest to act cool, not like a lovesick fool.

“I heard from Sungmin you dropped by my house last time.” Jongwoon curses the Sungmin guy in his mind but still nods. “Is there something you need?”

He plays with his coffee stirrer, avoiding eye contact with Siwon. “No, not really. I was just passing by your street so I decided to give you a visit but apparently, you weren’t there.”

Siwon chuckles and Jongwoon swears he could listen to it everyday. “Sungmin’s my brother’s boyfriend by the way.” He shrugs. “Just thought you needed to know in case you, you know, get jealous or something.” Jongwoon almost drops the stirrer in his hand but catches it just in time. “You okay?” Siwon asks him.

Well that was stupid of me, he thinks. He shouldn’t have assumed things, he should’ve confronted Siwon about it. He wonders how Heechul would react if he finds out about this stupid mistake?

“Hey, Siwon,” Jongwoon trails off. It’s now or never. “I was just wondering, do you still like me?”

“Yes, very much.” the latter answers without much hesitation. “Why? Am I freaking you out already?”

“No! No, of course not. I just..” he sighs, reaching out to hold Siwon’s hand. “I just want you to know that I like you too. And I’m sorry for putting you through this much trouble. You’re so patient although I’ve been shooing you away most of the time. I’m sorry for that but don’t worry, I would never ever do that again. I was scared, I didn’t know if you really like me or you just want to play around. I have doubted your feelings for me and I’m really ashamed of that. I’m sorry.”

Siwon squeezes his hand gently and smiles. “That doesn’t matter now, does it? I’m glad that you’re being true to yourself. Just so you know, I would never do anything to hurt you. I really, really love you.”

Jongwoon could never be happier. He trusts Siwon. If Siwon says he loves him, then he truly does. All the doubts and worries he has disappeared. He’s more than content with his life and he wouldn’t any other guy than Siwon, not even Heechul. And he totally sees himself with Siwon in the future.

After all, Choi Jongwoon sounds nice.


a/n; my first attempt at yewon and hopefully i did okay. sorry if heechul had more screen(?) time than siwon. >_< tell me what you guys think! thanks! ^^

Tags: fandom: super junior, genre: romance, length: one shot, pairing: siwon/yesung, rating: pg-13
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