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drabble dump {tvxq, dgna, mblaq, after school}

Title: When I Look at You
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu
Genre: romance
Rating: PG
Length: drabble
Summary: One look at Yoochun and Junsu knows he’ll be alright.


Junsu feels his stomach churn and before he knows it, he is in the bathroom, puking everything he ate just a while ago. He could feel tears sting his eyes. It was disgusting, he is disgusting. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and stares at himself in the mirror - his cheeks have become more hollow that it already is, the bony arms and wrists he now has, and when he pulls his shirt up, he could see his ribcage. He pulls it down when a pair of arms wrap around his waist. “I look terrible, don’t I?” he laughs it off but the owner of the arms is keeping a straight face.

“Yes, you look so beautiful.” His lover smiles.

“Yoochun, I—“ he looks at him through the mirror and the way Yoochun looks at him lovingly makes him want to tear up and hug him all night long. He blinks back the tears and for the first time that day, lets out a smile. “I’m okay.”


Title: Of highschool and a confession
Pairing: Yunho/Karam
Genre: romance ; au!highschool
Rating: PG
Length: drabble
Summary: Today, I told my crush I like him.


With sweaty hands, Hyunchul clutches on the box tightly. He has never thought of actually doing this but it’s now or never. “Coward,” his best friend would tell him but he would brush the comment off and say that it’s just not the right time. After all, timing is everything.

Sweatdrops form his forehead as he tries to calm his pounding heart down. He walks through the hallway to the dance room and his insides are about to explode by the time he arrives at the place. He nervously makes an entrance and immediately gets noticed. “Hyunchul ah,”

With an almost awkward smile, he bows down to greet his senior. “Yunho sunbae,” The older man flashes him a smile and he swears he could die right then and there, but not really. “I…” he tries to speak but miserable fails. He makes a mental note to strangle himself later. Yunho notices his stupid act and encourages him to carry on. “Here,” he pushes the box in Yunho’s chest which leaves Yunho no other choice but to accept it.

Where is it? Where’s the long and well-thought of speech he made three nights ago? It looks like his nervousness has eaten all his confidence up - confidence which he never really had.

“I like you.” he carelessly blurts out with a bow. It was a humiliating confession in which he couldn’t even look straight in his target of affection’s eyes. Please say something, he mentally screams. Yunho just stares at him which makes things a whole lot worse. “S-sunbae…” he tries.

And that seems to snap the older one out of his trance. “Hyunchul ah,” his head shoots up as he looks at Yunho anxiously. “I think you’re amazing,” and that makes his heart do somersaults. “But…but I don’t think we’re…I mean you and I…what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think…”

“Am I rejected?” he asks rather bluntly, not wanting make things harder for Yunho and himself. Sadly, Yunho nods. “It’s alright, sunbae.”

Yunho puts an arm on his shoulder and gives it a light squeeze. “It’s not that I don’t like you. I do. It’s just that..I have someone else.”

Without a word, Hyunchul nods, gives Yunho an understanding smile, and slowly walks out of the room. He’s not gonna sulk on a corner and wallow in self-pity. He didn’t really expect something out of the confession, but it would be extremely nice if Yunho felt the same way. It’s a part of highschool – gossips, crushes, confessions and even rejections. He knows as soon as he tells his tragic love story to his best friend, he would be forever teased. But that doesn’t really matter.

Although it would matter when he finds out who Yunho is actually dating – his best friend.


Title: She Believes in Me
Pairing: G.O/Jooyeon
Genre: romance ; angst
Rating: PG
Length: drabble
Summary: Everyday he lives in fear that she’s had enough of the life he’s giving her but apparently, he has nothing to worry about.


Byunghee isn’t exactly what you call rich. He works at a convenience store during weekdays and at a fish market during weekends. He gave up on college because he could never really afford it, not when he has kids and a girlfriend to support. He works his ass off every day and night just to give them a comfortable life. But his hard work doesn’t seem to pay off just yet.

He would always come home from work and find his girlfriend in kitchen, whipping up something for him to eat. “The twins?” he would ask and she would point to their room and tell him they’re sleeping. Their house isn’t exactly a house, it’s a small apartment they rented at a cheap price. It’s not really comfortable but no one’s complaining.

“You don’t look too happy.” He points out in which she answers with a tight smile. “Your parents were here, weren’t they?” and by the look on her face, he could tell he is right. “And what did they want?”

She shrugs. “The usual,”

“And what did you tell them?”

“The usual,”

He blinks back his tears, looking away from her. “You…you can go with them if you want to. Bring…bring the twins. I know since you got together with me, your life isn’t as comfortable and luxurious as it was before. I want you and our kids to have a good life—“

“And we have.” She cuts him off. “If I wanted to live a lavish life, then I would’ve left you a long time ago. We’ve had this talk one too many times, Byunghee. I would never, ever leave you. Not when you’ve sacrificed so much for me…and our kids.” She wraps her arms around Byunghee’s waist and he pulls her close in return. “Don’t bring that up again, okay? It makes me think that you’re trying to kick us out of your life.”

It’s during moments like these when Byunghee feels all the more blessed for having such a wonderful girlfriend who loves him for who he is, not because of what he has - he has nothing to offer but his love and determination to succeed in life.

“Jooyeon ah,” he speaks, kissing her atop her head. “Please don’t get tired of me. I love you too much to let you go.” It was cheesy but he needed to say it. And she nods, not to make him shut up, but because she feels the same way.


a/n; junsu has anorexia :(

Tags: fandom: after school, fandom: dbsk/tvxq, fandom: mblaq, fandom: the boss, genre: angst, genre: au!highschool, genre: romance, length: drabble, pairing: g.o/jooyeon, pairing: yoochun/junsu, pairing: yunho/karam, rating: pg
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