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of airports and mistaken identities

title: of airports and mistaken identities
pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
genre: general, au!stranger
rating: pg
length: drabble
summary: Wherein Hyukjae encounters a case of mistaken identity.

a/n; i’ve been going crazy over blonde!Hae and he’s messing up my bias list. but no, i must resist. Heenim won’t be too pleased. lol like he cares. and the ‘stranger’ universe, i know like wtfh is that? idgi either.

prompted by Donghae’s awesome airport picture wherein he amazingly looks like Heechul.

If anything, Hyukjae is horribly late. He’s supposed to be at the airport fifteen minutes ago but his alarm clock betrayed him and stopped working, he knew he’s gonna be in deep trouble so he put his mad driving skills to test. He made it, barely alive, but he still made it. As soon as he safely parked his car, he made a run inside the airport. He was sweating buckets and panting very hard, scanning the place for his brother. If he had a choice, he would be waiting for him at home, maybe whipping up something for them to eat, but he knew that it’s never gonna happen. His brother wanted him there to pick him up.

He looked around, trying to spot the familiar orange-ish blonde male he has known all his life. And there he was, wearing a black v-neck shirt and his signature aviator shades. He grinned and made a run towards the guy, startling him in a bone-crushing hug. “You won’t believe it, I missed you.”

“Really unbelievable, do I know you?”

Wait. That wasn’t his brother’s voice.

Hyukjae felt his world stop, like seriously. His arms stayed where they are, he has no idea if he should remove it or keep it there. And if ever he removes it, does it have to be fast or slow? This was embarrassing, really embarrassing.

“I’ll remove them for you.” the stranger offered, feeling his humiliation. With a chuckle, he smiled at the stunned Hyukjae. “So…do I look like someone you know?” Hyukjae nodded, dumbly. “You’re lucky I’m not a girl or I would’ve freaked out and slap you in the face.” that really didn’t make Hyukjae feel better; it was the other way around. “Okay, so you’re embarrassed and all but can you please talk to me? I really don’t like talking to myself.”

It seemed to snap the humiliated man out of his reverie as he cleared his throat and bowed in apology. “I thought you were my brother.”

“Well that’s interesting.”

And embarrassing, Hyukjae wanted to add. “I think I should be going now. If my brother finds me before I find him, I’ll be in deep trouble.”

The stranger nodded, “I’ll see you when I see you, okay?” and waved his hand before walking away.

“Wait! I—“ Hyukjae tried, but the other was out of earshot so he gave up. “…I want to know your name.”

He sighed and turned on his heel, but just as he was about to take a step forward, he saw his brother standing before him. He stared for a while before breaking into a grin. “Heechul hyung!” he jumped into his older brother’s arms who caught him just in time. “It’s you right? It’s really you!”

“Yes, Hyukjae, it’s me.” Heechul patted him on the back before putting him down the ground. “Enough of skinship, people are staring at us. How’s my baby brother?”

“Hyung, you were only away for a month.”

“And a month has thirty days! Thirty days are long enough!”

“Well then, if you insist. I’m fine, like the usual.” He snatched the suitcase from Heechul and started walking away. “Come on hyung, let’s go home. Heebum’s gonna be happy when he sees you.”

And Hyukjae went home with his brother, wondering if he’ll ever see the stranger again.

Tags: fandom: super junior, genre: au!stranger, genre: general, length: drabble, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, rating: pg
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