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Heechul and his boyfriends

title: heechul and his boyfriends
pairings: eventual hankyung/heechul, heechul/everyone
genre: romance
warning: mpreg
rating: pg13
length: oneshot
summary: Heechul has had at least eleven boyfriends before he found the one.

a/n; i haven't really double-checked this so there may be lots of grammar and spelling errors. i have issues with tenses too so, yeah. lol sorry for that. and the title, sorry i'm uncreative like that.

The first time I fell in love was during highschool. It was with a boy named Kim Kibum who I’m classmates with. We weren’t exactly what I had in mind though – we rarely kiss, hug or even hold hands. But when I complain about it, he would sigh and look at me straight in the eyes before reaching out to hold my hand, and then I would be happy again. He’s not the touchy type, I figured after a while of being with him. We would hang out on weekends, do homeworks during weekdays, we’re basically together 24/7 and people at school would stare at us like we’re some freaks. It was rude but what power do we have to stop them?

“Writing won’t get you anywhere,” He told me one time. I thought I heard him wrong, but when he snatched away my laptop I knew I heard right. “You’re wasting your time sitting in front of your laptop typing away pathetic stories no one would ever read.”

“Don’t act like a know-it-all,” I retorted and gave him a good slap on the face. I wasn’t really going to do it but he went overboard. I knew how much he hated me writing. He expects so much from me - he’s an aspiring lawyer while being a novelist is what I want. He wants me to be like him and that is impossible. I don’t like wearing suits, going to courts, defending criminals and tell lies. It’s just not…me.

The relationship I once thought was perfect was actually far from being perfect. He would insult me and I would insult him in return. Our dates would be filled with fights – petty ones – and things get pretty messy after that. We were wild, and before we could further hurt each other – verbally and physically – we broke it off. It was a mutual decision. We lasted a year, and that’s the farthest we could go.

A year after our break-up, I met someone else. Lee Donghae, a neighbor. Although we go to different schools, he would wake up earlier than his usual waking time just to walk me to school. He’s sweet but very childish. We would have sleepovers at least twice a month and he likes it when we cuddle. He has a dog named Bada and we would take it out on a walk during weekends, we would go to an ice cream parlor after and basically spend the whole day together. We never really had fights or anything major and I thought it was a good thing, but it wasn’t. Our relationship was almost too perfect that it’s boring. Nothing special and the spark was almost gone. I found it hard to break-up with him – without him wailing and pleading me not to leave him – but I managed to, with a promise that we’ll stay friends.

A promise that I kept up until now.

My relationship with Donghae is four months longer tan my first one and I didn’t really plan on getting into another one until I met Shin Donghee, it’s funny how his name resembles Donghae’s. He wasn’t really my ideal type – not that I have one – but the guy has his own charms. Sure, he’s chubby and not that all charismatic but makes me happy. It was during my freshman year in college when we got together. I majored in English Literature while he majored in Dance; it was really amazing how that body of his could do wonders such as breakdancing. We don’t go to dates that much basically because he’s always busy practicing his dance moves and I would be there, watching him in awe and oftentimes, in boredom.

“Chaperone? I’m Jongwoon, you are?”

“None of your business.”

Someone sat beside me during one of Donghee’s practice session and that was our first conversation. Name: Kim Jongwoon, Donghee’s classmate and a major headache. We didn’t really get along at first because he’s ridiculously nosy. He would ask things, personal ones, and he would even try to get his nose in my relationship with Donghee that would annoy me like crazy. I would constantly shoo him away but he would still approach and try to start a conversation with me.

“Jongwoon, honestly, stop bugging him.” was what Donghee said when he – finally – noticed how his classmate would shamelessly pester me. Jongwoon would sit still until he convinces Donghee that he would behave and when my boyfriend goes back to his business, he would once again make my life miserable.

During our seventh month together, he told me he’ll be flying to the US for a scholarship in a dance school. Of course I had to be supportive; I didn’t want to ruin his dreams for him, even if it means we’ll have to stop seeing each other. “I don’t want to stop seeing you.” he told me, but I know that that is impossible. Four years is too much for me to take, and there isn’t even a guarantee that he’ll be going back after those years. What if he gets a good career after that? What will happen to us? What will happen to me? I had no other choice but to let him go.

Ever since Donghee left, Jongwoon had taken his place, not in my heart though. He would try to cheer me up everytime I would tell him how much I miss the guy. Donghee and I weren’t in touch. I didn’t want him to worry too much about me and have him constantly call me that would take up most of his time in which he should rather spend working hard than to waste it all on some phonecalls.

July 10 – that was my birthday, three months since Donghee’s departure and the day Jongwoon confessed his love. Seriously though, I thought he was messing around with me because he tends to do that a lot. But I figured that he was dead serious when he got on his knees and shouted how much he loves me in the university’s cafeteria. It was embarrassing, really sweet, but still very embarrassing. I remembered how I dragged him out of there because everyone was hooting and cheering as if saying that I should accept him right then and there. They were nuts! I couldn’t do that, like duh.

“Are you out of your mind?!”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“Seriously, Jongwoon, what is up with you?”

“Heechul, when I said I love you, I meant it. Like big time.”

“But you know I still haven’t moved on.”

“Yes and that’s why I’m gonna help you. If you accept me, I’ll help you forget him.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Well then, you have to! You can’t live our life like this. For all you know he’s already married.”

“Idiot! But don’t come crying when I tell you we’re hopeless.”

And that was it. We, well I, started off having no feelings for him at all. I like him, as a friend, but not really more than that. When we would go out on a what he calls a date, he would try to hold my hand and it would make me feel really awkward. If anything – at that time – I found him as a good friend, not a lover. He would constantly remind me how much he loves me and I would be blushing real hard but I eventually got accustomed to it that I learned how to respond with a “Thank you,” or an “I know.”

It took me actually a few months to fall in love with him. Hard. I remember the first time I told him the three words. He spazzed like a crazed fanboy and danced around my apartment. My sophomore year in the university wasn’t so easy - assignments, projects and all that school shit here and there. It was crazy! And crazy is an understatement.

“I miss you.” When Jongwoon said that, I realized that I was spending more time with myself and less time with him. He has been there for me but I was never there for him. “You missed my recital.” He informed me. And that was when I had the urge to slap myself senseless. Recitals in his department only come once in their whole college life. And I wasn’t even there to watch him. I knew apologizing isn’t enough so I had to make it up to him. I did the only thing I’m capable of at that moment – setting up a surprise date for him. The look on his face when we were on our date was priceless, and I knew I didn’t have to ask for an apology because I’m already forgiven.

However, things started to go downhill when I had a final project to be done with a partner. I wasn’t really worried about it but Jongwoon was. Well, I was worried that I’ll be doing all the job while my partner is chilling out somewhere. But that wasn’t the case. Apparently, my partner was the self-centered, arrogant jerk who likes to call himself Prince Choi Siwon. It was a moment where I felt like when God showered the world with bad luck, I got drenched with it. His personality is worse than my first impression of Jongwoon’s. He would shamelessly praise himself and ask me if I wanted to see toned body in which I would react violently and make it clear to him that the only time I would want to see his body is when I get pregnant. Or in other words, not gonna happen. The way Siwon would flirt – oh yes, he does…a lot – with me annoys the crap out of Jongwoon…and I. Prince Siwon likes to touch things – living ones, specifically.

“You two aren’t going out, are you?” Jongwoon asked while he was helping me type out a synopsis I made. I seriously felt like he was accusing me of cheating on him, and with that narcissistic guy, of all people.

Just to annoy him, I responded with “Maybe we are.” It was meant as a joke, no harm intended, but it seemed to strike a nerve and all hell broke loose. It took me quite a while to calm him down and convince him that I was just messing around. “You know I would never do that.” I reassured him. Now, if only I could get rid of the prince.

“Hey there gorgeous.”

“With all seriousness, Choi, leave me alone.”


“No, really, if you don’t want my fist to hit your precious face, do as I say.”

“But princess…”

“What part of leave me alone don’t you get? I’m this close to pounding your face on the wall.”

“Aww princess, I like you too.”

“Seriously? Just seeing you makes me want to puke shit and that’s fucking disgusting. Now, do me a favor and shut the fuck up.”

His face, when I said that, was priceless and I thought he would leave me alone. But I kind of thought wrong. He was persistent and I had no idea why. Him liking me was not true, no way that that would happen. I never thought I would regret taking up my most wanted course. If I talked to Jongwoon about it, he could’ve done the unthinkable. But if I didn’t, my sanity is on the line. Trust is a big part of our relationship so I ended up telling Jongwoon about my not-so-interesting adventures with Siwon.

“Go on a date with me.” Siwon cornered me one time. I could clearly remember that I had my fists balled, ready to aim it at his face. “Just one date.”

"And you're gonna leave me alone?"


"How can I be so sure?"

"I don't break promises, Heechul. It'll ruin my image."

At that exact moment, I wanted to laugh at him so bad but I fought the urge to. "Oh boy, your image is ruined enough."

What other choice do I have? And besides, it's a win-win situation for us.

That weekend, I told my boyfriend I'm out with friends but I was actually with Choi fucking Siwon. Do you even have to ask how much I loathe the guy? He took me to a bar, we had a few drinks and all he did was flirt with me which I had to endure until the night was over and things would be back to normal the next day. But then again, who was I with?

That's right, a bastard. Instead of my own room, I found myself in an unfamiliar place and I felt like I was Geum Jandi getting framed up. I knew deep down inside that nothing happened between us, but how could I explain the aching of my lower back? Things got worse than it already is when the bastard threatened me that he'll tell Jongwoon about our little trip to his bed if I don't break up with him and date him instead.

"Oh no you won't."

"Try me."

To sum things up, I got tricked by Siwon into breaking up with Jongwoon. I really did break up with him and dated the jerk for ten months only to find out nothing happened between us. It was a hoax, an act to keep me for himself. And my lower back ache? I freaking fell down the stairs. He was a selfish lying bastard and he needed a beating, a good one at that. And I gave him one.

My last year of college wasn’t as interesting as the previous ones. I got into another relationship with a guy who asked me out. There were no feelings involved, in my part. He asked me if he could be my boyfriend until he enlists in the military. He looked nice and relationships aren’t really that serious for me ever since my traumatic one with Choi so I agreed, knowing that it’ll only be a year and a few months. I was sad though, when he entered the army. We have both graduated with flying colors that time. I sent him off and wished him luck. Up to now, I still don’t know why he enlisted that early. It was a nice and peaceful relationship. He was nice, I couldn’t fault him. His name is Kim Youngwoon.

I didn’t look for a job after graduation. I didn’t want to be in an office. I want to do work at home, where I can be relaxed and comfortable, and so I settled for writing synopses, sending them to publishing houses. However, due to the stress and having to face my laptop all day long, I constantly got sick. I would visit my doctor and he would advice me to take some rest. In which I did, but I know I couldn’t rest long as I have deadlines to meet. I got too pressured and collapsed due to over exhaustion. Luckily, Donghae was there for a visit when that happened so he rushed me to the hospital.

I was there for about two weeks and I shared a ward with someone. His name was Ryeowook. He looked too fragile. He had stomach cancer and had no more than eight months to live. I didn’t want to talk to him at first because I didn’t want to get so attached while knowing that he would have to say goodbye soon. We had a lot in common, we both love music and books. He’s a sentimental person like I am. Donghae would often visit me in the hospital while Ryeowook’s brother, Sungmin, would always be there to take care of him.

When Sungmin couldn’t visit him one day, I took over his job and took care of Ryeowook instead despite the IV on my arm. Ryeowook wasn’t a handful; all I did was help him eat because he finds it hard to swallow food properly. One time, I woke up at the sound of him crying in pain. That happens a lot, him having stomach pains. I found him so pitiful that I wanted to cry, but I know I couldn’t. He couldn’t see someone cry for him, it would break his heart…and mine too. I got out of my bed and helped him drink painkillers after which, I held him in my arms and rocked him to sleep. I held him so close that I could feel his body pressed against mine.

We hadn’t really talked about it but we know, what we had was something special. I would just look into his eyes and I would know what he’s thinking about. Even when I got out of the hospital, I visited him everyday just so I could take care of him. He would shoo me away because he didn’t want to make me lose my job. I just laughed at him. As months passed, his health was slowly deteriorating. It was heartbreaking. It wasn’t a sight of him I’m used to seeing but I still love him just as much.

It was on a Friday night, when he left. He left for good. It was hard, real hard. I couldn’t accept his death, specially after not having said those three words to him. His brother was just as heartbroken as I was and we would find comfort in each other. We would talk about Ryeowook often and how he made our lives even more colorful. Our heart-to-heart talks made me realize how Sungmin is similar to Ryeowook. It was amazing even given the fact that they’re brothers.

My relationship with Sungmin, it was just a fling, nothing special. Just so we could both mend each other’s broken hearts. And it lasted three months.

Then along came Kyuhyun, a waiter at the coffee shop I was always at.

I thought staying at home was nice but then it bore me to death that I couldn’t even come up with a kickass plot. My muse was on vacation and when I tried looking for it, I couldn’t find it. I gave up and ranted to Donghae about it when he mentioned a newly built coffee shop just around the corner of my apartment. He said I should go check it out to relieve the stress. And so I did, bringing my trusty laptop with me.

Kyuhyun wasn’t friendly. Oh boy, he wasn’t. He has this aura in him that makes people not approach him. He’s too mysterious to be likeable. I don’t know where he got the courage from but everytime he serves my order, he would take a peek on my laptop and give comments, criticisms actually. He was brutally honest. And I found that really charming. During his break, he would sit with me on my usual spot and talk about things, basically everything under the sun. He would give me prompts for my stories at times and I would find it very helpful.

I don’t know how or why it happened, but it just did. One day, I woke up and realized I love him. From those months we’ve known each other, I know what I’m feeling was genuine. And I knew he loved me back. He was still the same even when he was my boyfriend, although he would be really possessive. When we go out on dates or just a walk on the park, he would hold my hand tight and never let go. I found that really sweet. He would always tell me to not look at anyone else but him and I would nod in response because I would never really do that, all the more when I’m with him.

Months and years passed, he got thrice as possessive as he was when we started going out. He would call me every ten minutes – no exaggeration – just to check up on me. When I’m out with Donghae, he would invite himself and come with us. He got more and more overprotective that I wasn’t happy with our relationship anymore. But I still tried, knowing that he’s only being like that because he loves me.

But he loves me way too much. He made a decision to live in my apartment during our third year. I didn’t know it was gonna be a bad idea. I was practically a prisoner in my own home. He never let me out the house, and at times when I did, just to get some fresh air, we would always have an argument. It was tiring, our relationship. I couldn’t take his possessiveness anymore and I knew it had to stop.

The feelings were still there, I guess, but I had to do it for my own good. He was making me hate him.

And he was a creeper. After breaking up with him, he followed me everywhere I go. He was a stalker, and I feared for my life. I filed a restraining order and from then on, I never saw him again.

“Hey there gorgeous.” That was the pick-up line I loathed the most. And one guy used it on me at a club. It was almost a year after the stalking incident. “Wanna have some fun?” I’m no prostitute and no guy can take me home just be saying a line or two. I was about to give him a good slap on the face as he leaned closer. ”Please pretend you’re agreeing with me.”

“And why would I do that? I’m not stupid.”

“I’m on a dare and they would make me have a one night stand with a random guy. Please help me.”

“You’re doing the same thing, mister. You’re trying to pick me up and have sex with me. How’s that different to the one they’ll make you do.”

“I won’t really do it with you. All you need to do is act with me. We’ll be going to a hotel room I booked for the night. My friends’ would secretly follow me just to make sure I’ll really do it. Just spend a night with me, on a hotel room, no dirty things. I promise.” I didn’t know if he was telling the truth but I gave it a shot, I helped him. Whether it would be his first time or not, I had no idea but he thanked me a lot after the favor I did for him. What exactly happened?

Well, we were bored out of our wits with nothing to do so we tried to talk it out. Just to get to know each other, and maybe become friends. He’s Lee Hyukjae, a college student – way younger than me. His friends are a big bunch of morons who make him their slave. When I advised him to not hang out with them anymore, he protested saying that he has no other friends than them. He was a loner, and no one really accepted him at his college other than his so-called friends. But I could tell they didn’t really like him and they’re sticking with him just for fun.

I knew that he felt like I was meddling too much with his private life but I wanted him to get my point. I’ve been there, done that. I was once a college student and I know better. “Friends don’t make you do that even when they’re borderline crazy.”

I offered him friendship. That was the best I could do for the guy. It had a catch though. He has to leave those fools and not worry too much about being a loner. He didn’t agree at first, thinking that I was just messing with him. I assured him that there was no way I would do that because other than Donghae, Jongwoon and Donghee, I had no other friends when I was in college, and it wasn’t so bad.

One time, he barged in my house, crying. The guys were bullying him and I asked if he was telling the truth. It was college, not highschool. How could there be some bullying happening? It was crazy, they were crazy. Of course I had to do something. It was pretty embarrassing but I did it for Hyukjae. So to say, those guys need to learn a lesson. And they learned it the hard way.

For nine months, Hyukjae and I seemed like were in a relationship even if we're not. We would act like boyfriends although we have no clue about what we feel for each other. We just both need company. And we give each other just that. There's this one thing though, I noticed how Donghae would look at Hyukjae with sparkly eyes everytime he visits me. And so, I decided to play matchmaker.

How did it go, you ask? It was successful.

My next relationship was quite different from the rest, it was serious. Really serious. We met at a bar, one hot and wild night. And if I should say it bluntly, we had a one night stand. Well, I thought it was just that. It was my first time and I didn't expect it to be like that. I thought it was a total waste of my most-prized virginity. I was drunk but I could remember most of what happened. I expected him to leave the hotel room even before I could even wake up. But when I did, he was there, still sleeping, and so I thought I had to do the job for him. My lower back hurt like crap and it was hard for me to move around and find my clothes that were randomly thrown all over the place. "Don't go." I heard him say when I was busy putting on my clothes.

"What for? We're done."

"No, we're not. You're definitely not just a one night stand for me."

My mind was a mess, and I figured that he was bluffing and so I left him, not even knowing he was. It sucks, losing my virginity to a stranger. But what could I do? What's done is done.

Two months after that incident, I found myself face-to-face with him. It was weird, but not awkward. He somehow managed to follow me and find out where I live. Creepy as it sounds, it was creepy. He wanted us to get in a relationship and I didn't. First, I had no idea who he was, and frankly, he's not my type. Later on our conversation, I found out his name is Park Jungsoo, same age as I am. He works as a highschool teacher and I found that really interesting.

"I don't hook up with teachers." I told him. "But I guess I have no choice since I'm having your child."

Yes, folks, I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it either. I had no choice but to accept him. I can't raise the kid alone. And I definitely needed someone to help me through the pregnancy. I was only doing this for the kid, our kid. I never regretted the decision of letting him in my life. I mean, he meant it when he said I'm not just a one night thing. I was something more.

He worked hard for us, for our future. He would accompany me to my check-ups, he enrolled me in a birthing class, he did anything and everything for me, even when I had the weirdest cravings. It's not a miracle when I fell in love with him. And I'm glad I did. He meant everything to me, just how our child is important in my life.

Taemin, that's what we named our child. Park Taemin. Although we weren't married, it was just right to let our son have his last name. After all, he's the father. We weren't the perfect couple, we would fight at times, but at the end of the day, we would make up.

Things don't always go the way we want it to be. I wanted to live a happy life with my family, but then Jungsoo was taken away from us when Taemin was three years old. He was in a car accident. He had multiple head injuries and was comatosed for a few months and eventually gave up on his life. I couldn't accept his death, it was hard. I was going to ask him to marry me and I never managed to.

Taemin was as heartbroken as me. I would often find him in our room, hugging his father's favorite shirt to sleep and it pains me to see him suffer like that. He was closer to Jungsoo because Jungsoo's basically better with kids, so it was hard for me to make him listen to me.

I would get so fed up with Taemin's rude attitude towards me as I was still recovering from Jungsoo's passing away that I would unintentionally shout at him and hurt him. I was slowly sinking into depression. I would then call Donghae, or Hyukjae at times, to help me with Taemin while I go ask for help. And by help, I meant going to a psychiatrist and spill everything.

I met Han Geng, he was my psychiatrist. He's Chinese and I didn't really like him. He has a broken Korean and we don't understand each other that much. Tell me, how's that as a psychiatrist? It's unbelievable.

We would sit face-to-face and he would ask me to tell him what's on my mind. He would listen quietly while I tell him everything, crying my eyes out. Occasionally, he would give comments, but most of the time he would keep quiet and just nod. I don't know how he makes things work, but by just saying everything that's bothering me made feel a little bit better.

I hate it how I've been in almost a dozen of relationships and yet, none of those worked out. I told him that but he told me I shouldn't think much about it. "You're crazy." I told him.

"Yes, I get that a lot."

"Are you not gonna say something? Like, give me a freaking advice?"

"You're depressed."

"No shit, Sherlock."

"And you're getting verbally violence."


"Exactly what I said."

"Hey Doctor Han, I'm not paying you to point out the obvious."

"Go ahead, just say what you want. You need to get everything off your chest."

He was extremely weird. He never told me a decent advice, he just let me say whatever the fuck I wanted to say. Basically, he's been my shock absorber. Everytime I would feel like shit, I would make an appointment with him. We had the doctor-patient relationship for two years until we gradually became friends. I introduced him to Taemin and surprisingly, he could handle him just as good as Jungsoo. With him, I was like with Jungsoo all over again. Screw the language barrier. He could speak the language. Although broken most of the time, we finally managed to understand each other, and that's what matters.

One good thing was not having to pay him when I need to talk to him about a problem regarding anything in my life. "I like you." he said one time when we were out for a walk. I told him I like him too. "No, seriously. I like you."

"I'm as serious as you, Geng."

We didn't need confessions or anything teenager-ish. We're in our mid-twenties and we're not definitely into those cheesy things anymore.

Sometimes, no matter how much faith we have,  we lose people.
But we never forget them.
And sometimes, it's those memories that give us the strength to go on.


"What are you thinking about?"  Heechul snaps out of his reverie and scoots over to give his husband some space to sit on.

"Good times."

"Good times?"

He smiles and rests his head on his husband's shoulder. "Yeah...good times."

Geng snakes an arm around his waist and holds him tight. "Taemin's thirteenth birthday is coming up. And he told me he's bringing someone over. A friend."

"Friend? Doesn't he have lots of friends?"

"Yes, well, apparently, it's a new guy at school. I don't have more details about it but I could tell he really likes him. The boy's bringing his parents too." Heechul nods in understanding.


"What the actual fuck?!"

"Heechul, language." Geng reminds him. Heechul stares wide-eyed at Taemin's new friend and his parents. "It's nice to meet you." the Chinese man bows in greeting.

"Appa, daddy..." Taemin jumps excitedly, holding onto his friend's wrist. "...this is Minho hyung, my new friend. " he then gestures to the tall man behind Minho. "And this is Minho hyung's father...uncle Siwon."

"Long time no see, Heechul."

Tags: fandom: super junior, genre: romance, length: one shot, pairing: donghae/heechul, pairing: hankyung/heechul, pairing: heechul/ryeowook, pairing: heechul/sungmin, pairing: kangin/heechul, pairing: kibum/heechul, pairing: leeteuk/heechul, pairing: shindong/heechul, pairing: siwon/heechul, pairing: yesung/heechul, rating: pg-13, warning: mpreg
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