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henry and the seed

title: henry and the seed
pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
genre: attempted crack
warning: implied smut
rating: pg13
length: drabble
summary: There are times when Ryeowook thinks Henry doesn't make sense at all.

“Fuck Kyuhyun, harder!”

“I am! I’m gonna…rip…rip your ass off if I go on any harder.”

“I don’t care just…just fucking do it! Faster!”

“Shit. I’m cu—“

“…me too…fuck…”

“…mming. Aaaaah!”

And the door bursts open startling the still thrusting Kyuhyun, riding out his orgasm and the whimpering Sungmin under him. Both guys are shocked and scared shitless at the sudden interruption but fuck, they need to finish whatever they were doing or it’ll cost them their sanity.

“Fuck you, Henry. Didn’t Leeteuk hyung teach you how to knock?” says an exhausted Kyuhyun once done with their business. Sungmin squeals and immediately gets himself under the covers, embarrassed. But no big deal, Kyuhyun is taking care of the situation. “And why the egg are you holding a bottle and a spoon for?”

Henry stares at Kyuhyun in his all naked glory and shrugs, waving the spoon in front of the taller man’s face. “Ryeowook hyung told me to get something, so here I am.”

“Here? In our room?”

“Well, yes. But hmm...I think I'll just need this," the chubby-cheeked man snatches the stained blanket from Sungmin who squeals for the second time in a row as he tries to cover himself up with a pillow. “I’ve seen you naked millions of times, Sungmin hyung. And yes, you’re gorgeous.” He gives both men a smile before walking away. “Bye y’all!”


Ryeowook finds himself getting cornered by the couple once they were all alone in the dorm. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he shrinks in his seat, trying to avoid both glares from his bandmates.

“Henry barged in our room during our sexy time with a bottle and a freaking spoon! I believe you have some explaining to do.”

The vocalist casts them a confused look as he shakes his head. “Whatever it is, I’m innocent. The only thing I asked him to do is to get cumin seeds for me.”

“Cumin seeds?” Kyuhyun repeats, and something clicks on his head. “That pervert!” the feminine men gives him a questioning look. He sighs. “He actually thought you asked him to get you KyuMin seeds,  and by seeds I meant, cum.”

Realization dawns upon the formerly confused members. Ryeowook reacts, “Oh.Oh. So that was what the blanket was for. The blanket! I held the blanket! No wonder it smells funky. Noooo! My hands! My precious hands! You dirtied my precious hands!” and he swears to not ask for Henry’s help, ever again.

Kyuhyun snickers, muttering inaudibly. "Like you never get your face showered with Jongwoon hyung's cum."

Tags: fandom: super junior, genre: crack, length: drabble, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin, rating: pg-13
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