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he believes in me

title: he believes in me
pairing: yunho/jaejoong
genre: romance, angst, general
rating: pg13
length: oneshot
summary: Everyday he lives in fear that Jaejoong has had enough of the life he’s giving him but apparently, he has nothing to worry about.

a/n; originally, this was a G.O/Jooyeon drabble which was posted not long ago. but i really like the plot so i converted it into YunJae ‘cause it’s been a while since i’ve written something for these two. if ever you have read the drabble i’m talking about, you’ll see the whole thing again in here. lol

Yunho isn’t exactly what you call rich. He works at a convenience store during weekdays and at a fish market during weekends. He gave up on college because he could never really afford it, not when he has kids and a boyfriend to support. He works his ass off every day and night just to give them a comfortable life. But his hard work doesn’t seem to pay off just yet.

He would always come home from work and find his boyfriend in kitchen, whipping up something for him to eat. “The twins?” he would ask and he would point to their room and tell him they’re sleeping. Their house isn’t exactly a house, it’s a small apartment they rented at a cheap price. It’s not really comfortable but no one’s complaining.

“You don’t look too happy.” He points out in which the other answers with a tight smile. “Your parents were here, weren’t they?” and by the look on his face, he could tell he is right. “And what did they want?”

He shrugs. “The usual,”

“And what did you tell them?”

“The usual,”

He blinks back his tears, looking away from him. “You…you can go with them if you want to. Bring…bring the twins. I know since you got together with me, your life isn’t as comfortable and luxurious as it was before. I want you and our kids to have a good life—“

“And we have.” He cuts him off. “If I wanted to live a lavish life, then I would’ve left you a long time ago. We’ve had this talk one too many times, Yunho. I would never, ever leave you. Not when you’ve sacrificed so much for me…and our kids.” He wraps his arms around Yunho’s waist who pulls him close in return. “Don’t bring that up again, okay? It makes me think that you’re trying to kick us out of your life.”

It’s during moments like this when Yunho feels all the more blessed for having such a wonderful boyfriend who loves him for who he is, not because of what he has - he has nothing to offer but his love and determination to succeed in life.

“Jaejoong ah,” he speaks, kissing him atop his head. “Please don’t get tired of me. I love you too much to let you go.” It was cheesy but he needed to say it. And Jaejoong nods not to make him shut up, but because he feels the same way.


Yunho is busy stacking up cartons of milk when a co-worker approaches him frantically. “Yunho, there’s an emergency! Your boyfriend called and he wants you to go to the hospital right now. I think it has something to do with your kids.” At that very moment, Yunho wants to run but his feet seem to stay rooted on the ground. His co-worker pushes him to the entrance of the store. “Go! I’ll cover for you.”

And so he dashes to the nearest hospital, not knowing whether to be scared, worried, cry or whatever. His emotions are too mixed up. “Yul has a high fever. The doctor said if she wasn’t brought here earlier, she would’ve died.” He brings Jaejoong in his arms, comforting him, telling him that it’s gonna be alright, although he himself isn’t so sure about that. He soon asks about his other daughter and Jaejoong tells him he sent her for a check-up. He kisses him and says that he’s done a good job and that their daughter would be fine in no time. He doesn’t utter a word about this matter but he’s worried about the hospital bills.

That night, he leaves Jaejoong in their daughter’s hospital room with an excuse that his boss needs to talk to him, but it’s actually the other way around. He goes back the convenience store hoping that his boss hasn’t left yet. And his prayers were answered when he finds him in his office. “Sir, can I have a word with you?”

“How may I help you?”

He hesitates for a while but there’s no time for sissy acts such as that, and so he goes for it. “I know it’s not right to ask this but can I have a cash advance? I’m sorry but I really need it right now.”

“Yunho, I’m sorry but I don’t—“

“Please!” he bows with hands on his knees. He’s desperate, he needs the money. He has no one else to ask for help. He couldn’t take it, the pressure and the embarrassment to beg for money. He cries. “Sir, please, I’m begging you! My daughter’s in the hospital and I need money to pay the bill.”

He has never cried so much in his whole life. He could feel someone support him, help him stand up properly. It was his boss. “I won’t give you a cash advance because it’s against my policy, but here,” he hands Yunho a thick envelope and Yunho couldn’t believe his own eyes. “It isn’t much but I hope that will help. I’ve seen you work so hard for your family and I couldn’t be any more proud of you. You’ve done so much for them. I hope your daughter will get well soon.”


There are times when Jaejoong would tell him that he wanted to work so he could at least help him. But he would always go against it. “You’re already helping me, Jaejoong.” He would say. “You’re doing so much just by taking good care of our twins.”

Jaejoong doesn’t understand why Yunho keeps on insisting that he should stay home and be a housewife when he could be working and helping him make money.

Yunho knows he’s making it seen like he’s keeping Jaejoong from the outside world, but he wants to prove something for Jaejoong’s parents - that he could manage to raise a family with Jaejoong well without asking them for any help. This is sort of a revenge for looking down on him and stepping on his dignity and pride. He wants them to eat their words. The words which stabbed his heart a million times. The words which made him think if he really deserves Jaejoong.

“Happy birthday, love.” He surprises Jaejoong with three chocolate cupcakes from the bakery just around the block. Cupcakes because it’s the only thing he could afford.

“You shouldn’t have.” The birthday boy says, appreciating the small gift. He takes Yunho’s hand in his and drags him to the kitchen which is just a few steps away from where they were previously standing. “Since it’s my birthday, I made something else than instant ramyun.” He takes off the lid of the overused pot, the only pot they have. “Tada! Kimchi jigae.”

Yunho comes home one night and finds a sobbing Jaejoong on the floor. Immediately, he goes into a state of panic but he manages to calm himself down after a little while. “My parents came here…” Jaejoong tries to explain with coherency. “…they…they were with social workers. Then…then they took Yul and Yoong.”


“They said we aren’t capable to raise them and give them a good life. A year, Yunho, they gave us a year. We can’t get them back unless we can assure them that we’re not as poor as rats.”

“You should’ve left me when I told you to. I’ve been giving you a hard time but I don’t get it why you don’t complain.”

“Jung Yunho, we’ve talked about this hundreds of times. When I said I won’t leave you, I meant it. And that’s final. I won’t change my mind.”


Despite Yunho's protests, Jaejoong found himself a job at a coffee shop nearby. Jaejoong made it clear that no matter how Yunho is against him working, he would still do so if it means having his family back. Yunho has sacrificed so much, too much, and now it's time for him to help.

"We'll get our twins back," Jaejoong tells him one night. "We definitely will." and Yunho agrees because he firmly believes that it won't be long until their family becomes complete again.


a/n; well this is embarrassing. >_<  am supposed to be ranting about lots of stuff right now but i seriously need to get ready for school. btw, i had a major spazz attack over this. go watch! hoshisus! i love these guys so much idfe!

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, genre: angst, genre: au!general, genre: romance, length: one shot, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, rating: pg-13
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