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of brothers and phone calls

title: of brothers and phone calls
pairing: hankyung/heechul
genre: general
rating: pg13
length: drabble
summary: Hankyung tries, fails and tries again.

Sure he lost contact for quite some time but it doesn’t mean that he didn’t want to keep in touch. He wanted to, but his busy schedule wouldn’t let him. Even making time for it was impossible and so he settled for waiting.

He hates waiting. It makes his patience run thin. But there are certain fourteen guys he wouldn’t mind waiting for. They were his family, his brothers. His brothers whom he stuck with through thick and thin. His brothers who never once cared about their difference in race. His brothers whom he had ramyun nights with. His brothers whom he loves so much.

Of course, there was one person who stood out from the rest. The person who he adores and trusts so much. The person who knows him inside and out. The person who could understand his broken Korean. The person who never fails to make fun of him although he knows he doesn’t mean it. The person who always calls him stupid and yet he doesn’t seem to care. The person he loves talking to every time of every day of every week. The person his parents would love to meet. The person he loves— his other half.

He heard the news a few days before the actual enlistment and he panicked. Should he cancel all his appointments and fly to Korea to give him and the others a visit? It was stupid but with no doubt, he would do it if it was possible. His love for the others are bigger than the gingerbread man’s vitality and so with much determination, he asked permission from his manager.

It got rejected. The manager questioned him about the fans and what they would think when he suddenly comes back the country with his enlistment in the army still in the headlines. Was it for show? To raise his popularity? Quite frankly, he doesn’t care. The fans and netizens are the least of his concerns at the moment. But it’s not like he has a choice. He’s an idol star. He has to do what he’s asked to do. And he could only sigh.

There was no other means of communication for him and the others. He tried calling them but it seemed like they changed their numbers or they simply were busy to answer their phones. He doesn’t give up though; he still tried, tried…and tried. He barely has a free time but he makes sure to call them, specially him, at times like this just to make sure. But still, no one answered.

He didn’t try for the next three days knowing that his effort would not really pay off. Again, he settled for waiting. For what? The perfect time? No. Honestly, he doesn’t even know. He waited, and waited…and waited until it was only an hour left before he officially enters the army.

Knowing that it would be impossible for him to fly all the way to Korea in less than an hour, he opted for the next best choice. With shaky fingers, he picked up his phone, dialed the number he’s memorized by heart and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and gripped his phone tight as he uttered the name he terribly missed calling. “Heechul ah…I miss you…”

Tags: fandom: super junior, genre: general, length: drabble, pairing: hankyung/heechul, rating: pg-13
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