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and that's how you do it

title: and that’s how you do it
pairing: yoochun/junsu
genre: general, humor
rating: pg13
length: drabble
summary: Junsu thinks he’s sexy but Yoochun thinks otherwise.

Junsu has quite some self-confidence and when he says he’s handsome, he is. When he says he’s adorable, he is. And when he says he’s sexy, he is. So when asked about who’s sexier between two guys by his boyfriend, he doesn’t find it very interesting at all. “What did you just say?”

“Who do you think has a firmer ass? Jaejoong hyung or Hyukjae?”

“Hyukjae? Jaejoong hyung? Park Yoochun, why would you ask something like that?”

Yoochun shrugs, wrapping an arm around Junsu’s waist. “It was an innocent question. The last time I touched both, Hyukjae’s was squishier.”

“You touched their asses?!” Junsu inquires in annoyance. “And what about mine?!”

“What about yours?”

“Mine’s better! Way better!”

“Well, yeah, but Jaejoong hyung’s is firmer and it looks pretty nice.”

“Mine doesn’t?!” Clearly, this was not making Junsu happy. He removes Yoochun’s arm on his waist and pushes him away, not too hard though. He gives his own denim-clothed butt a slap and points an accusing finger at Yoochun. “You know how my butt is, Yoochun! It’s big and squishy and you love it!”

“Hmm…I do, but we weren’t active for two months because you were busy. I eventually forgot how soft it felt in my hands.”

“Then I’m busy no more!” Junsu says with such rage that Yoochun thinks it’s ridiculous. “You are gonna remember everything and I am gonna show you how squishy and fuckable my ass is!” he gives Yoochun a sloppy kiss on the lips before stomping his way to Yoochun’s bedroom.

Yoochun stares at his angry lover’s retreating back and turns around after a moment to face his gaping cousin. He smirks and gives him a thumbs up. “And that’s how Chunface does it."

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, genre: general, genre: humor, length: drabble, pairing: yoochun/junsu
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