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art appreciation

title: art appreciation
pairing: junsu/yoochun
genre: fluff, au!nerdvert
rating: pg
length: drabble
summary: There's really nothing to be angry about.

Really, school wasn’t supposed to be boring. He’s supposed to be enjoying whatever crap his teacher is saying because it’s art appreciation and art appreciation is good. He likes it. What’s pissing him off more is his dorky classmate shamelessly staring at him. He looks at the offending man, glares and grits his teeth. “What do you want, freak?!”

The dork jumps a bit in surprise, adjusting his glasses which was dangerously close from falling and beams at him. “Hi Yoochun! I am appreciating art.” He answers with a whisper.

“You picked the wrong time to mess with me Kim!” Yoochun retorts also with a whisper but a slightly louder and angry one.

Junsu, the dork, shakes his head furiously as his smile tones down, but still as sincere. “Oh no Yoochun! I wasn’t just staring at you. I was…I am…in fact, appreciating you because I think, kidding aside, that you’re a work of art and I like you very much.”


A week after, Yoochun is seen with Junsu at the park walking hand-in-hand.

Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, genre: au!nerdvert, genre: fluff, length: drabble, pairing: yoochun/junsu, rating: pg
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