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Incomplete | 3/5

Title: Incomplete
Pairing: Akanishi/Kamenashi
Genre: drama ; romance ; au!highschool
Rating: PG-13
Length: 3/5
Summary: All Kazuya wanted was for Jin to accept him as his brother. But Jin is intent in making his life miserable.

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I want to hate you

It’s funny how this whole boyfriend thing is making things way beyond interesting. All he wanted was to have a nice relationship with Jin but this is what he got. He’s not complaining though, but it’s a little sad. Everything is a game, just a fucking game to see who snaps first. Kazuya knows he’s got this in the bag but that doesn’t satisfy him at all.

He wants something, something more. Something special. Something he knows they could never have. Fuck.

“I don’t know what it is that you want but you should know that I can see you hiding behind the door.” Kazuya didn’t look up from his book as he calmly revealed Jin from his hiding spot. “You know,” he continued. “I couldn’t help but notice; you seem to pop out everywhere I go. Does that mean something?”

Jin slammed shut the door behind him as he shamelessly plopped down the younger one’s bed. “Nothing, nothing at all. You know, you look better when you keep your mouth shut.”

“Are you trying to flatter me? Because really, every single thing you say just makes me want to throw this book in your head.”

“Then do it.”

Kazuya did. He witnessed how Jin fell off the bed and growled in pain as he tried to nurse his abused head and he could only care less. Serves him right for being…just for being himself.

“I’m not a pussy, Jin. I admit, I was once scared of you but not anymore. I’m too smart to figure out that you’re nothing but an attention whore who needs, well, special attention from people who don’t even wanna pay attention to you. You’re a brat and you think you’re all that.” Of course he didn’t mean all that, he just wants to know if that would piss the other off.

“Fuck you, orphan. Fuck you hard.”

Kazuya laughed as he watched Jin storm off his room.


But calling him an orphan still hurts.


Dinner was weird. Kazuya felt the tense atmosphere between him and Jin. He tried to shrug the feeling off but Jin’s icy glare tells him that something is bound to happen. “Mom, dad…” and as soon as Jin trailed off the words, Kazuya stiffened in his seat. Jin sent him one last glare before showing off a fake smile to their parents. “Kazu told me,” the said man wanted to throw up at the nickname. “He wants you guys to meet the guy he’s dating.”

Kazuya dropped his chopsticks, failing to mask the shock he’s feeling. He quickly put on a sickeningly sweet smile as he secretly stepped on Jin’s foot under the table. A few moments after, he finally regained his composure. “That is if it’s alright with you. I mean, if you don’t wanna meet him, it’s fine with me. It’s not like I—“

“Of course, son.” their mom said with a smile on her face. Kazuya turned to look at their father for confirmation and he got it. The breadwinner of the family gave him an assuring smile. “We would love to meet him.”

“Okay, cool.” At that exact moment, Kazuya knew he’s in deep trouble.

Kazuya: 1 – Jin: 1


“My parents want to meet you.” No response. He sighed. “I said, my parents want to meet you.”

“I heard you the first time, boyfriend.

“You were zoning out, why?”

Heechul kept a straight face as he looked at Kazuya. “I have just been threatened.”

“What? By who?”

Curly boy. I don’t know what the fuck is up with him but if he thinks that I’m fucking scared, then fuck him.”

Kazuya’s eyes widened, taking a hold of Heechul’s hand. “What a colorful language you have there. Tell me, what did he do?”

“If I showed up at your house, he’ll make my life miserable. But you know what, I’m not scared. What pisses me off is that he actually tried to threaten me. People don’t scare me, boyfriend. I scare people.”

“Well, you are quite scaring me now. I’ve never seen you this…pissed.”

“Fucking pissed I am. He doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with. I’m Kim Heechul for fuck’s sake. Lay a finger on me and you’ll have to face Han Geng, a badass motherfucking Chinese martial artist and,” he leaned closer Kazuya as he whispered in his ear. “…the love of my life.”

“I’m sorry.” Kazuya blurted out. “I’m really sorry. I feel like I’m making you cheat on your actual boyfriend.” He felt as if he’s forcing Heechul into this just to prove something to Jin.

What was there to prove? That, he doesn’t know.

Heechul smiled, enveloping him in a hug. “He knows, I told him. I can’t keep a secret from him. We’ve been through so much and helping out a friend won’t ruin our relationship. So…” Heechul pulled away. “When will I get to meet umma and appa—oh I’m sorry. I just miss speaking in my native tongue.”

He felt sorry for Heechul. The guy must be homesick. And since Heechul is helping him out big time, it’s just right to repay him with a little something. It seems like he would be taking a little trip to the bookstore after school.


“I’m jealous.”

“Go away, dude. I’m busy.”

“Why are you pushing me away? You’re with your stupid boyfriend everyday you don’t even have time with your own best friend! I’m hurt!” Junnosuke isn’t ashamed to voice out his feelings. Ever since Kazuya came out of the closet with his boyfriend, he seemed to be spending more time with Heechul and less with Junnosuke which made the latter feel neglected.

Kazuya hasn’t thought of Junnosuke’s feelings at all. He didn’t even think he would feel that way. With a sigh, he put down his pen and closed his book only to see a teary-eyed teenager in front of him. He chuckled softly. “Don’t you dare cry on me, you monster. I’m sorry if you feel that way but you do know I have to help Heechul out, right? I don’t want him to feel as if he doesn’t belong here. I’m all yours once he goes back to Korea, I promise.”

“If he goes back, does that mean you’ll have to break up?”

“Oh. I haven’t…”

Quite frankly, Kazuya has forgotten about that fact. There would come a time that Heechul would have to go back his homeland and when that happens, a part of him would probably die inside. He’s already that attached to the foreigner to let him go easily. It’s hard, but he’ll get through it.


When he got home that afternoon, he was surprised to see Jin in the living room, hanging out by himself. “Where’s mom and dad?” he asked, hoping that he’ll get a decent answer from the other.

“Business shit. Don’t ask me, I don’t know more than that.”

He nodded. “Uhm, well, what do you want for dinner? I’m cooking.”

Jin spared him a glance and shrugged. “I feel like having pizza.”

“Alright, I’ll make a call.”

Kazuya was simply awed at what happened. Jin didn’t try to pick a fight and that really made him smile. Maybe it’s not too late for things to get better.

He thought that this would be a nice time to bond with his brother so he plopped down the couch and made himself comfortable beside his gaping brother. “What? Look, let’s not fight right now, please?”

“It’s getting tiring, isn’t it? You know, fighting and all.”

“Why are we even fighting in the first place? You know I don’t hate you and I would never hate you, but you’re making me hate you with the way you’re acting.”

“You won’t understand.”

“Try me.”

Without warning, Jin cupped Kazuya’s face and kissed him deeply.


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high society
Tags: fandom: kat-tun, genre: au!highschool, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: akanishi/kamenashi, rating: pg-13
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