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rising gays of the east {three}

title: rising gays of the east
pairing(s): yunho/jaejoong, yoochun/junsu, changmin/heechul
genre: au!highschool, romance, drama
rating: pg13
length: 3/?
summary: Jaejoong announces his sexual orientation and confusion ensues.

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“Okay, so I was like in the hallway with  my books and all, being clumsy again and I like, tripped on air which was so embarrassing like you have no idea how. So all my books were on the floor and like everyone was staring at me, well, not really everyone but most of the nosy bitches. Anyway, so I was picking up my books and like oh my god, guess what!”


“I said guess what!”

“I don’t know Jaejoong. What?”

“He helped me. He as in the man of my dreams, my other half, my soulmate, my everything! I felt like a damsel in distress and he’s my knight-in-shining-armor. I could trip every single day if that means him helping me. Oh my god Yunho. This could be the start of a wonderful relationship!”

“You don’t have to injure yourself just to get his attention. Don’t be stupid.”

“Hey, why do you look and sound uninterested?”

“Because I am,” Yunho says with a roll of his eyes. “I’m not always a willing subject, Jaejoong. Not because I agreed to listen to your love escapades last time, doesn’t mean I wanna do it again. It’s a one time, big time thing, you know. And please, for the love of my moobs, don’t like be like this ‘cause it’s like so fucking annoying like you have no idea how.”

Jaejoong stares at Yunho with his mouth wide open. “Did you just insult me? I hate it when you’re bitching just because you have no lovelife. I’m your friend, Yunho. Be happy for me and in return, I’ll be just as happy when you get yourself a girlfriend…or boyfriend. If ever that happens.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever. Can I go now?”

A grin spreads across the gay guy’s face. “Fly and be free, my little one.” He watches as Yunho walks away with heavy steps. He might’ve gotten in his nerves but he knows Yunho won’t take it to heart. His mind travels back the moment he had with his knight-in-shining-armor. He thinks it’s a sign. Just when he’s losing the will to fight for his undying and unnoticed love, something magical happens. Oh how wonderful love can be.


“You know what’s unbelievable? It’s not Jaejoong being gay and having the hots for a guy. But the fact that Jaejoong likes Kim Jongwoon is what’s all sorts of wrong.” Yunho voices out his thoughts as he paces back and forth the locker room. Really, he doesn’t mind whom Jaejoong falls in love with but come on, Kim Jongwoon? For real? The guy’s a living failure.

“And you’re unbelievably hyped up about this. Come on, Kim Jongwoon can’t be that bad…can he?”

Yunho rolls his eyes for the second time that day. “Oh please Hankyung. Kim Jongwoon almost burned the whole school, sent three students to the hospital and almost stabbed Yoochun with a cutter.”

 “Oh,” his Chinese teammate gapes in shock, not aware of the mishaps caused by Jongwoon. “He’s that bad, huh?”

“Yes. And I have to knock some sense into Jaejoong’s stubborn head.”

“Your inceptions are good…”


Right. Your intentions are good but you know nothing about Kim Jongwoon other than the fuck…”

Fact, Hankyung, fact,”

“Yes, fact. You know nothing other than the fact that he’s, well, a failure. But that doesn’t really sum up his whole personality. I mean, what if he’s just naturally cumsy?”


 “That, yeah. I know that. Ah, I have to get going now. But seriously, you really can’t do anything so don’t do anything stupid.”

“Yeah sure,”

But he doesn’t mean it.


Junsu finds himself in a relationship with Lee Hyukjae, his longtime suitor. After stressing himself out with his non-existent lovelife, he has come to a decision of experimenting, he likes the sound of it but it scares him. Just the thought of having to share himself with another guy scares him. It doesn’t make any sense at all but it’s Junsu, don’t expect too much.

He wonders why he’s tried to get in a relationship with a guy when he knows deep down inside, he doesn’t swing that way. Or at least he thinks he doesn’t.  But Hyukjae really, really likes him so who was he to reject such genuine affection?

“Hey, you know I really am not this…I mean…gay…so how come you’re okay with me accepting your feelings? Didn’t it occur to you that I’m playing with your feelings…or something?”

“Junsu, that is a stupid question. I do know you’ve been straight as a ruler for the longest time and you let me be the dent so somehow, in some way, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down inside, I know you’re attracted to me.”

And Junsu believes him.


Usually, a Yoochun-Heechul fight lasts no longer than two days but it seems as if things are starting to get a little messy. When Yoochun mustered up the courage to apologize and Heechul was persistent with his talk to me and I’ll punch you in the face rule, a black eye decorated Yoochun’s once flawless face. And boy was he not happy with it.

“What is wrong with you? Here I am, trying to apologize and all you do is punch me? Heechul, what’s happening to you? To us?

“Yoochun, if that punch didn’t make you comprehend what I’ve been trying to tell you, then I don’t know what’s wrong anymore.”


Yoochun was thankful that Heechul is talking to him but this kind of talk is not what he likes. “I’m not happy, Yoochun. Don’t you know the reason why I’ve been constantly trying to piss you off? I want you to hate me so you would breakup with me. I’d rather have you dump me than me dump you. It’ll make me feel less guilty, I guess.”

“But Heechul…I-I don’t understand. We were okay, right? How come you…I can’t Heechul…I love you, you know that. You just can’t…I know you love me. How could you…”

Heechul takes the trembling Yoochun in his arms. Yoochun’s not the only one who dislikes talks like this. “I love you, Yoochun. I really do. But it just doesn’t feel right. You know I care about you so much, you’ll always have a special place in my heart, but I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep lying to myself. I can’t keep trying to convince myself that I’m happy with our relationship. The spark is gone, and I don’t want to lie to you, too so I have no choice but to do this. I’m not breaking up with you because I’ll let you have the privilege of doing it.”

“How is it a privilege? Don’t kid me. I don’t want to breakup with you. We can make this work. We can still fix this. I know we can.”

Heechul pushes Yoochun away. “Don’t be stubborn. We can never fix this, Yoochun. We can’t. Now, do me a favor and please just dump me. You’ll be happier without me, trust me.”

“No…no…no…no!” with tears streaming down his bruised face, Yoochun storms out of Heechul’s house, leaving the frustrated owner.

Why couldn’t he understand?

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Tags: fandom: dbsk/tvxq, fandom: super junior, genre: au!highschool, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: changmin/heechul, pairing: changmin/yoohwan, pairing: eunhyuk/junsu, pairing: yoochun/heechul, pairing: yoochun/junsu, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, rating: pg-13
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