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drabble dump (snsd, tvxq, kattun, super junior, shinee)

these are the drabbles from my other journal (which i deleted). so yes, a repost :\ enjoy. ah, all drabbles are based from songs except the first and last one :)

Just the Two of Us | Yuri/Jessica | fluff | PG
Jessica is insecure...

..and Yuri knows that.

Jessica is afraid that Yuri might find someone better and leave her. But Yuri thinks Jessica is perfect just the way she is, her insecurities are still a mystery.

"Where are you going?" Jessica asks upon noticing Yuri all dressed up.

"I'm meeting Yoona and the gang. It's been a while so we're having a mini reunion."

"Mini, meaning?"

"Just Yoong, Taenggoo and I." she notices Jessica's expression and she instantly knows why so she asks, "Wanna come?" A sigh of relief escapes her lips when her lover answers an enthusiastic 'Yes!'. They walk hand-in-hand, Yuri can see a beautiful smile decorating Jessica's already pretty face. It's not everyday when they get to have a night walk so as much as possible, Yuri wants to cherish the moment. "Babe.." she calls out.

Jessica looks at her, swaying their intertwined hands back and forth. "Hmm..?"

"I love you."

And that scared the hell out of the blonde girl. "Hey, are you okay?" she stops and cups Yuri's cheeks with her hands, caressing it with her thumb. "W-what's the matter?"

"Nothing. I just wanna say how much I love you."

"Yuri, you're scaring me."

The taller female chuckles. "Am I?" she takes Jessica's hands into her own, squeezing it ever so gently. "Sica, baby, all I'm trying to say is that I love you. I know you have insecurities which is quite ridiculous because you have nothing to worry about."


She presses her index finger on her princess' lips to prevent her from speaking nonsense. "Just always remember that I'm here for you, I'm always ready to tell the whole world that Jessica Jung is mine and I'm hers. Got that, princess?"

Jessica grins and nods in happiness, giving her lover a bone-crushing hug. "Got it, prince charming."

They walk hand-in-hand, heading back home (Jessica promised to cook her favorite meal). Yuri's pretty sure her friends would understand. After all, her wife's more important than anyone and anything else.


Calling Love | Jin/Kazuya | angst | PG
A phone call never seemed so hard.

Now my heart is exploding as I'm calling out for youI'm calling out to you like crazy 
Like the first snow fall that's melted, so has my love
Love you goodbye my love
I'm now calling out to you
The words I couldn't say, cause I love you

It’s a lie if he  says he doesn’t miss him. Because there is no doubt that he does. This is something that he regrets not doing and if only he could turn back time, he’ll do things the way he’s supposed to do it. But no, it’s all too late. It’s too late to be fixing things and it’s too late to be regretting things. He was greedy, oh yes he was. But his pride isn’t letting him accept that fact. He was a fool, a selfish fool who wants things all for himself but in the end, he lost everything he has— friends, love and even fans. Although there were some loyal ones who stuck by his side, most of them were completely disappointed and just let him be. After all, they were just fans. What else could they do? They definitely have no power to change his mind.

But one person does.

The person he loves more than himself, the person who knows him inside and out, the person who he least expected to leave. It’s his fault for not trusting him enough. Everyone knows about his departure from the group but him. He didn’t want to hurt him. But he just did. When he found out that he would be leaving the group and the country the same day he knew about it. It was all too much for him to take.

He remembers when he boarded the plane with a heavy heart. He didn’t know what’s out there waiting for him. It could be fame, fortune and possibly, new love. Clubs, parties, cigarettes, girls, sex, booze…it was all a part of his ‘L.A. Life’. Solo concerts, flings, hangovers and one night stands here and there, it was all fucking great at first. But there’s this hole in his heart that no one could fill up. He knows why but he refuses to acknowledge it.

Puffing on a cigarette one night, he decides he’s had enough. This heartbreak is killing him slowly. Whether what the status of their relationship is, he doesn’t know. They weren’t given a chance to have a closure or assurance. He takes out his phone from his pocket and dials a number he has memorized by heart, mind and soul. It rings for about three times before someone answers. He takes a deep breath before the name he swore he would never utter again slowly escapes from his chappy lips.

“Kame…I miss you…”


Kizuna | Hankyung/Heechul | romance | PG

Just one step at a time, don't let go of my hand
The days we spent together still live
Even if we're torn apart till we're ragged
That time, that place, this bond won't disappear

No one believed in them, everyone thought that they were only messing around with each other. He is the blunt I'm-not-serious-with-anything type while he is the soft-spoken and hardworking foreigner with a broken Korean. Their minds work differently, they're the exact opposites but they mesh well together, they're perfect. Almost.

If only he didn't feel that they were treated as slaves then everything would've been perfectly fine. They would be in their dorm, sitting on the couch cuddling and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. But he had to do it for himself. It's harder than it seems. He would leave everything he worked hard for but most of all, he would be leaving the love of his life. But no, he's not worrying about anything.

They're miles apart, so what? It's not like they're not going to see each other again. In fact, they're on a plane at the moment, on their way to their honeymoon. Oh yes, a honeymoon that is. They're not married though...yet. He's with Kim Heechul for crying out loud! What Heechul wants, Heechul gets. And Heechul wants a honeymoon, how could he say no to that?

His gaze lands to the person beside him, head on his shoulder. He smiles. This is their latest escapade and they don't give a damn about the consequences because he knows they could always get away with it. He brushes the bangs covering his lover's eyes and kisses him atop his head. "I love you."

Heechul groans and slaps him on the hand for disturbing his beauty sleep but still whispers a groggy, "I love you too, Chinaman."


Why Are You Being Like This | Onew/Key | romance | PG

You know you know my feelings you already know everything
I love you I like you now tell it to me you fool

Kibum wonders how Jinki does it. His clumsy self, body gags and lame jokes, how could it be so utterly adorable? The body gags are no joke as Jinki sometimes gets bruises and cuts from it but he doesn't complain. As long as it entertains people, he doesn't really care. Kibum could stand these humiliating things, but what he couldn't take is how stupid Jinki can be at times. No, make it all the time. He has been all too obvious about how he likes him but Jinki doesn't seem to get it. He would treat him extra special than the others but Jinki thinks he's doing it just because he's the leader. But there are times when he'll get too angry at Jinki for, well, being Jinki and so he'll stick with Jonghyun and that's how people misinterpret things. And besides, Jinki angers him all the time so he just sticks with Jonghyun.

"How would he believe you when you're being too clingy with me?" Jonghyun tells him one time in which he shrugs and holds on to Jonghyun's arm tighter. "You guys are hopeless! If he couldn't get the message, then make him!”

Kibum sees Jinki with Taemin the next day and being the diva that he is, he stomps his way to the pair and yanks Jinki's wrist, dragging him to his room. "I don't like where this is going." he says.

Jinki looks at him, confusion obvious in his eyes. "I don't really know what you're talking about, Kibum."

"Oh yeah?" he grabs Jinki's collar and harshly pulls him closer as he presses his lips against his. It was a rough kiss, basically telling Jinki everything that he needs to know. He pushes him away a little while later, licking his lips. "Now, do you get it?" he pants.

The leader stands still, eyes wide, and breathing heavy. "I...I...you kissed me!" he points an accusing finger at the other but puts it down after a while. "Fine. I know you like me, love me, or whatever. I like you too, okay? It's just that, I had to make sure you're sincere with everything so I asked for an advice. And that hyung told me to play hard to get."

"What?" Kibum's raises his tone in anger and irritation. "You’re mean. I had to go through all that crap even when you...you...yah!" Jinki envelopes him in a hug before he could even make a move to hurt him. Jinki tells him to keep quiet and enjoy being held by him. Kibum scoffs but relaxes in his arms anyway. "Tell me..."


"What what? What I want to hear."

"Oh." Jinki holds him tighter and kisses his forehead. "I love you."

"Who was the hyung you were talking about?"

Jinki laughs, "Yesung hyung." and Kibum laughs with him.


Happy birthday, baby Min | Changmin/Jaejoong | slight angst | PG
It's his birthday but there's no reason to be happy.

Cheers, laughter, party poppers and even clanging of pots and pans could be heard in Changmin's apartment. It's his birthday, that's why. "Happy birthday!" greetings of friends flood him and he smiles at them in gratitude.

"So, how do you like your party?" Junsu, a close friend, asks him.

He sips on his glass of wine before responding. "It's nice, thanks."

"You don't look happy."

"That's because I'm not." straight to the point, that's how he is.

"And why is that? Don't you like the party? Is it boring?" Junsu scratches his head in embarrassment. "I'm not a good party planner, sorry."

Changmin shakes his head, assuring Junsu that it's nowhere near his fault and thanking him for his effort in preparing everything for his birthday bash. "I just don't feel comfortable, that's it." he forces out a smile, pushing Junsu. "Now go and have fun. I heard Yoochun hyung look for you a while ago."

And now, he's alone again in a corner, but he's not bothered about it the least bit. Not until a familiar couple approaches him. "Hey birthday boy! Sorry we're late." the couple hands him a box of Belgian chocolate which, if you must know, is his favorite.

The smile he forced a while ago spreads across his face again as he thanks them for the gift. "I'm glad you can make it Yunho hyung, Jaejoong hyung." Although thankful for the gift and their presence, he would very much appreciate if they just didn't bother to come.

So what exactly is his problem with the two?

He likes Yunho? No. He likes Jaejoong? Yes.

Seeing the two together sucks big time. It isn't just a crush, Changmin has feelings for Jaejoong, he loves the guy more than he should. It's not wrong. Well, it wasn't wrong. He has been crushing on Jaejoong even before he got together with Yunho so he thinks it's all sorts of unfair.

"Yunho, dude!" they all turn around and see Heechul. "Yah, it's been a while." he grabs Yunho's wrist, dragging him somewhere for them to talk. Jaejoong's not worried, Heechul may be clingy but he's definitely harmless.

"I guess it's only us now." Changmin snaps out of his daze upon hearing Jaejoong's voice. The older male smiles at him, making his heart skip a beat. "Happy birthday baby Min." he grins and Changmin swears he could die then and there. The pet name was given by Jaejoong himself during their high school days. Changmin resembles a baby back then (and even now) so somehow, the nickname stuck.

Secretly, Changmin wished that baby isn't meant as something associated to children or babies but something more...intimate, like a term of endearment for a special someone.

"Hyung you said that already." he states the obvious, not knowing what else to say. More like, he's trying to be careful of what to say. His heart's thumping rapidly just by looking at Jaejoong. "You hungry? I am. I'll just go get something to drink. I mean eat. Yes. Something to eat. You know, eat! Uhm, yeah. I'll be back!" and he runs away like a maniac.

Jaejoong raises an eyebrow and shakes his head, thinking that he needs to talk to him. "That kid..."

So he does just that when Changmin comes back half an hour later. "Y-you want to talk to me?" Changmin stutters like an idiot. "Why?"

"Changmin, we're friends, right?"

"Y-yes, of course." he replied, genuinely confused.

"If our friendship is important to you, you would do everything to..oh alright I'll cut to the chase. I know you have feelings for me." Changmin's jaw drops and he stares at Jaejoong as if he's a ghost. "And I'm gonna be honest with you. I don't not like the fact that you like like me, what I hate is that you're acting weird around me. You get fidgety and nervous and it gets to the point where you get clumsy. I've noticed every little thing about you, every little change that happened. I hate it."

"How?" is the only thing he can manage to say. Everything is blurry. He's confused as hell and whoever Jaejoong got that information, fuck him.

"Yunho told me."


He repeats his question. He needs answers, fast. "He looks at you that way I do. That's what he told me. Changmin, he noticed, he knew. He figured things out and he told me."

"But..but he.."

"No." Jaejoong shakes his head. "Yunho doesn't hate you, he won't. Our friendship is more important than some crappy love shit."

"I can't believe this." he whispers, tears trickling down his face and Jaejoong hugs him tight.

"All I'm trying to say is that I want the old Changmin back, my baby Min. I miss him." still in his arms, Jaejoong rubs circles around his back. He doesn't want to hurt Changmin, he just wants things to be okay, to be normal, like what it's supposed to be.

He cries in Jaejoong's arms shamelessly, letting out his bottled up feelings. He has never confided to anyone about his secret admiration for Jaejoong so he kept things to himself. He cries some more and when it turns into soft sobs, he tries his best to say something coherent. "H-hyung..I..I..I'll be back.."

"Changmin, what are you talking about?"

Changmin takes some time before speaking coherently, for real. "I'll be back. I need some time off, for myself. I have to think things through. I have a lot on my mind at the moment so it's fucking messed up." he takes Jaejoong's hand in his and looks straight in his eyes with determination. "I promise, when I come back, I'll be a brand new but still the old Changmin that you know. That might not make sense but I know you understand what I mean."

Jaejoong squeezes his hand and nods with a smile plastered on his face. "We'll be waiting for you, baby Min."


a/n: were you confused with the jaemin one? because i was :\ oh well. thanks for reading

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